SHE – A Life Keeper

SHE – A Life Keeper

Happiness hit her

sweet cries covered the earth

she beheld a beauty like never before

in its eyes laid the smile of a fiery sun

when it smiled,the goddess of beauty bowed at its feet

OH! what child is this


She laid on cranky paper bed

pain set her ablaze

ONE TOUCH,pain fled

the world and all its nick nacks stood still

Tiny fingers of tears clenched her heart

OH! what child is this!


It held her,

earth dissolved in wavy emotions

peppery, sparkly dust stung her eyes

She let that great river flow from those eyes

She had  bore a seed

OH! what child was this?



Joy overwhelmed her,

peace so much the whole of  SYRIA worshiped

all of the planets sang their praise

sun, moon and stars nodded in acceptance

finally she was a life keeper

OH! that child,was hers


all fours interlocked

then she took an oath,one of protection

she built a hedge round it

her love compelled the gods of war to take theirs too

she had shamed laughing lips,

had cursed the roots of angry kinsmen

OH!…what child was this?


5 thoughts on “SHE – A Life Keeper” by katiee (@katiee)

  1. “She lain (lay) on cranky paper bed”
    The world and all its nick nacks (knick-knacks)”
    “She had bore a seed”(borne)

    If its not about Jesus Christ, then I don’t understand.

    1. errmm..well I was trying to mix to things together. so it clearly didn’t work..thanks for checking anyways

  2. This poem was not properly edited. Please look into it again.

    1. ok thank you I will check

  3. Don’t understand…

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