Philosopher Poet

Lost in poetic contemplation,
I transverse time and space upon
Spirit’s Wings
In contradistinction
Of Zeno’s notion

Whence, I come
To Plato’s World of Forms
Immersed in a mystical ecstasy,
With my mind illumined
By the Boundless’ beams,

I partake of the eternal ideas
Of things
like of the emanation,
Images take unto flesh,
Descending upon my mind
In a bridal flush-
Hence the etymology
Of the “Conjugality of my
Mind with poetry”

For the Muse it is
That presided over the synthesis.
Whereupon, with essence’s
Breath saturated,
I swerve in Democritus’ atoms
Upon earth,

Yet intelligibly ordered
For steered by the Demiurge,
The divine Craftsman,
I am put in the form,
To dechaostize the material
World through poetry

4 thoughts on “Philosopher Poet” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. No be small thing o
    This philosophic poetry
    And the philosopher poet.

  2. I like the concentrated imagery in some places. Overall, interesting poem. Well done ostar

  3. Samuel Enoch Stumf!!!!
    You remind me of Metaphysics 301.

    Ply this trade, my friend, the gad fly.


  4. No be small thing indeed!

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