Lion Adorned Jewels…

Lion Adorned Jewels…

Like Sidi

He was my Baroka

See he saw me with his eyes and his mind pursued me

No matter where I turned, his thoughts were there, staring me in the face

Ok, I confess, I didnt quite run away from this thoughts

They made me blush and giggle

They lit up my eyes and tickled my inner woman

A beauty to behold was Sidi, a beauty to behold was I

Both our innocence drew us like moth to flame

Oh like Baroka

Plotting and scheming did he

Till he had her in his arms

Till he had his vision become reality

Plotting and scheming did he

Oh my gullibility, oh my head! My poor head

I wore my head up high, queen of hearts

Oh much like Sidi, I walked into an open trap

Oh my gullibility!

Now his surprise has come upon me

Our little secret in dark places has come to light

and so now plot and scheme we must

Wipe away finger prints, off my hair, my waist, my cheeks

Wipe away finger prints off the walls of my mind

Erase it all

Rewind, to the day in the market place

Like Sidi , He was my Baroka

10 thoughts on “Lion Adorned Jewels…” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. Crescendo and then decrescendo. A nice styled poetry.

  2. I enjoyed reading this.

    1. coming from you :D, thanks !

  3. amazing….Wole Soyinka will be proud!

  4. Good and simple

  5. Good and simple.

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