I Sold My Soul

I Sold My Soul

I had sold my soul to God
And won the devil in court.
Who is better than me in the eye of God?
Maybe I’m on the verge of quoting the bible wrong
Whose principle I have become strong.

He does not offer me quick fame
But He guarantees me of no pain
How can I beg the devil for more?
And stay all my life remorse.

I know its my words against evils
But God’s war against the devil
Fought poverty and educates myself from misfortune
Subliminally, I was subjugated by the devil’s tune.

I am not a sophist,
Neither a traditionist
But a Jesusianist –
Who is not against the Baptist.

Its not wrong to deploy talent
But only if we emulates the bad salient
Word says I’m self-righteous,
But is it because I abstain from anything salacious?

I witness the salvos that derive from sadism
But I’m I Socrates for introducing Jesusianism?
If we keep chasing after the blind past,
The all seeing future will lead us back.

The diatribe was for my hands in desegregation
Since I cannot stop the discretion
I have seen the weak-minded youth word-abuse the didactic
Is it because the goods are bad in the eyes of critics?

When religious turns into discrepancy
The mind of men lacks empathy
Even when the followers become disarray
The need God discerning not to lead astray.

4 thoughts on “I Sold My Soul” by Justusdaniel (@justusdaniel)

  1. This is good!

  2. Reminds me of early secondary school poetry: the rhymes and style.

  3. ‘Tis good. Watch out for the typos though.
    I sighted these:

    I know its (it’s) my words against evils(evils’)

    Its (It is) not wrong to deploy talent
    But only if we emulate(s) the bad salient (and this line sounded awkward kind of)

    But I’m (am I) I Socrates for introducing Jesusianism?

    Well done!

  4. this is creative- well done

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