Happy Birthday To Professor Wole Soyinka

Happy Birthday To Professor Wole Soyinka



A legendary song

Tickled on my juvenile tongue

For a word craft oak


But i won’t let my tongue waggle



I will kneel for the genius

In the ethos of greetings

The thrones of Oduduwa

In our blessed time

Professor Wole Soyinka


You nest amongst thy Hemingway’s

The planet where the pen speaks


Bask with the Willa Cather’s

The dome where words cocoon the skies

And lay earth in its very lushly beauty


Should I describe your whitening afro papa?

Perhaps I’d rig a simple smile from your dimpled cheek

Or shall I shape your emotive eyes in the chisels of the very idol

Those glowing like the icons stars at night?


As you turn 78

A 300 we wish you go

In good health and strength


You are indeed a genius one

Your Nobel crown shines through ages

Your arty words roar across the oceans

And stick upon the avid pane of the moon


Happy birthday papa

I want to be to your library someday

Perhaps learn about the magic pen

And some mysterious imaginations


To lay at  dark night

With love ones

And cuddle the long day

With friends and colleagues

With sweet lines from yards


ayooba jamiu (c) 2012

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Professor Wole Soyinka” by ayooba (@poeticlicence)

  1. Parabens .

  2. Profuse wishes to Soyinka here, but I bet he deserves them all, and maybe more.

    now that he’s eighty
    use words so mighty
    to describe him
    a great an African mind
    as daily he never stops
    making impacts beyond Abeokuta’s boundaries……………..

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