Felicia White.

Felicia White.

It’s a lie, I’ve seen a gorgeous Queen.
She’s a pretty damsel, BEAUTIFUL body; sweet legs and perky perfect breasts.
Her face glows like a moon in my heart- she’s so natural.
So young, yet so matured
It’s like I’ve been captured- became a prisoner by her striking beauty and simplicity.

People say what they like. They say she’s stupid
But I say NO, I know she is sent by Cupid.
They say she’s ugly and arrogant
Yet I say NO, she’s BEAUTIFUL and humble.
They say she’ll slap me and spit on my face
NO! I shouted. She’ll hold me and kiss my tender lips.

Please, don’t think I’m mad,
I’m just arrested; arrested by butterflies of love
Please, don’t call me NASTY
I’m just trying to develop my fantasy.
Biko, don’t push me away. I’m not stupid
Just do well to pull me in ‘cos i’m also sent by Cupid.

With love from ME
To FELICIA WHITE my pretty fair lady.

NB: Dis gal dey stay for my area and she too too fine. Infact i no fit describe her beauty and perfectness. Mehn de gal too set.
Anyways i try toast am with ‘let’s be friends please’ and shi agree but she no agree giv me ha numba. Anyway chaa, i go kip trying. No b small tin. Babes abegi una too much.
She say ha name na felicia bt shi no tell me the surname and i just named ha white because of ha purity.
Guys, to get babe no b smal tin. See as i dey dey husle to clik dis one.
Finally, this poem is for her. Although I couldn’t compound all my feelings and thoughts in this poem, I believe that one day. . . One day. . . Twill turn to a story.
One love guys. Am off.

19 thoughts on “Felicia White.” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. @Lactoo, hehehehehe! kip tryin with dis fyn Felicia gal, and lets knw wen u suksid eventually. Lol

  2. lol… u fit get bad poetic rhyme to woo dat yo from @xikay … or check out his “The Black Poet and The White Girl 1″( http://www.naijastories.com/2011/07/the-black-poet-and-the-white-girl-1/ )

    abi ? @whizpoet

  3. off to where?…if you like her and she agreed to play games with you, i see nothing stopping you.

  4. @francis. Hmmmmm, i think dat is a gud sign.

  5. @myself. Yea i’ll kip u guys posted. Thanks 4 dropping by dude. Lols.

  6. @kaycee. Lol too. Hmmm. No b small tin wit dis ur monosyllabic comments. Thanks 4 droppin by. By the way, ur blog is another thing. I really had a good time on it. The funniest was grandma do us a favour drop dead. Lols.

  7. @bamslid. Thanks a mill. I’ll go check it out.

  8. More grease to ur elbows, sugar to ur tongue and wat else? Ehen! Cash to ur pocket… Carry go..$ß

  9. creativity at work well done

  10. @sibbylwhyte the signature gal. Tanx a mil. I’ll definitely take dat as a go ahead permision 4rm u. Lolz

  11. @mikeeffa. Thanks dude. Jst cnt contrl it.

  12. I shall presently occupy myself with the contents of this poetic expression, for i find it so meaningful to be read to a felicia

  13. @ichadgreat. Well feel very free to occupy yourself wit it. Its my pleasure.

  14. genz genz, good luck :-)

  15. genz genz genz, e don dey klick small small.

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