Eva’s Getting Married: Christian’s Invitation.

“Could you come over please?”

It was all Eva needed to hear. Eva suspected God supported Angela’s plan, why else would an opportunity present itself half an hour after it was hatched? Any remaining doubts she had were shed as Angela dressed her. She put on (Angela’s choice) a tight red dress that had a moderate neckline, no back and fell mid-thigh. It left nothing to the imagination. As Angela did her makeup she kept up her tirade of berating Eva and her, in her own words, ‘archaic’ principles. Eva was determined to prove to Angela and herself that Christian had no short-comings in the bedroom. Afterall, she had been the one to put the embargo on sex, so she could remove it. And put it back if she felt satisfied with his reaction, or uncomfortable. But she doubted it would be uncomfortable. Christian had so far shown himself to be the most ideal male, without the distraction of sex they had a deep understanding and trust of each other that she had been craving for the longest time. A kind of connection that makes real friends, a kind of companionship that would last a long time.

“All this your alien logic, I can’t even call it foreign because western culture admits sex is important.” Angela scoffed.

“I wonder where in the world divorce rates are higher?” Eva scoffed back as much as she could. Angela was lining her eyes. “And what about single parents? If anyone is getting it wrong, they are. Relationships are really more than sex…”

“Yeah, Yeah. Trust, communication, honesty, blah-blah, excuse me while I snore.” Angela gesticulated wildly with her arms. Eva tried to relax her neck but Angela started off again with the eye liner. “We’ve already established that Christian’s domesticated, sensitive, responsible, caring and generous to a fault. And let’s not forget he’s gainfully employed, comes from a good family and he’s got a 10 in the ‘your’ looks department. In other words: ‘eligible’ But now it’s time to tick the last box. Wouldn’t you like to know if he is ‘perfect’ before he becomes your ball and chain?”

“I know he is okay down there.” Eva risked. Angela finished up her eyes and reached for the mascara as she rolled her eyes.

“And all your glowing testimonies are proof. Your lack of details means you’ve not done anything worth prying out of you” She said sarcastically, “You are the dullest roommate I have ever had!”

“And you are the nosiest!” Eva laughed. “Anyway I’m just going along with this to prove we will have a complete relationship when the time comes.”

“If that was the case you won’t be going along with me. You are doing this because you’re tired of being celibate. And don’t come back this night. Infact, I’ll leave instructions that your car shouldn’t be allowed into the complex till Monday evening. And I expect you not to come back a Lady, do you hear me?”


“All done!” Angela announced.

Eva was glad. Angela could be a pitbull if she sunk her teeth into something and she hated being the meat. She got up from the chair and looked at herself in the full length mirror in Angela’s room. She was looking completely different from her normal self, Angela had upgraded her normally clean pretty face and enhanced her eyes and lips. Did I ever have eyes and lips? Eva stared in wonder. With the dress that hugged her curves she looked like a beautiful woman who knew what she had and how to use it. She never thought she could look like this, in her thirty years. Was she ready to play the role of temptress? She was excited at the challenge. But what if Christian laughs at her get-up? Rejection.
She took a deep breath to steel her nerves.

“Leave your hair down. Look sultry and sound sultry. Remember, slow movements to keep the eyes on you,” Angela gave last minute instructions as she sprayed a spicy perfume on her, circling with her lithe frame in short shorts and a tank top. Eva choked. Now if she wore shorts like that it would be obscene with her wide hips, Eva distracted herself.

“And the final touch to smoothen things if you stumble” Angela gave her a bottle of Hennessy with a red bow. Eva wondered how Angela had produced it so fast, had she planned and succeeded in manipulating Eva or did she just keep a case in her room. “I feel so proud right now”

Eva rolled her eyes. “Drama-queen!”

“Goodluck seducing your fiancé!” she retorted.

Eva got a pashmina from her adjourning room to cover up herself so policemen or whichever highway official wouldn’t harass her. She left their flat and it was a 15 minute drive with no traffic since it was a Saturday and it was past 8pm. As she got to the 2-storey apartment building, she thanked God the compound was enclosed. Christian’s ground floor neighbours seemed to have turned in for the night so it was safe to step out without the pashmina.

She couldn’t believe she had nerves about sex. She trusted she wouldn’t stumble because it had been a while, you don’t exactly forget these things. And she was sure Christian would get the message and take over so it might not end with her shamefaced. The fact that she said she wasn’t ready to have sex till after the wedding doesn’t mean they couldn’t try. But what if Angie was right though? Any late nights and dates she had with him that ended with a bed, usually had her falling asleep with his arm around her.

She let go of all thoughts of anxiety as she got to his front door on the second floor. She posed in a stance she thought was sexy and cradled the bottle in one arm as she pressed the doorbell. She smiled at the door in anticipation of it opening.

She could hear music from inside. She heard the locks: the dead bolt he used and then the key lock. The handle made a tiny almost indiscernible squeak as it turned and the door swung open.

Christian’s 6-foot frame filled the doorway. He had an affinity for bright colours that enhanced his fair complexion. His mint green polo shirt stretched across his wide shoulders that were slightly slouched. His usually straight face he had adapted from so many litigation meetings was lit as it started to smile, and then it froze. She tried not to smirk as his face slacked, mouth open, his eyes glided down her body to her new shoes and up to her carefully arranged ‘bed’ hair. She didn’t say anything but just allowed him take in the full picture. This would be the first time he had seen her all dressed up since she usually opted for comfort. Her heart started to race seeing him, tall, fair and a face she thought too handsome for his down to earth personality.

Her next line was supposed to be a sexy invitation into his house, but she let the time pass just to figure out how long he’d be entranced.

“Eva… wow…” he was lost for words.

“What’s going on?” The spell was broken by a female voice from within. The door was opened wider, pulled from Christian’s grasp by a manicured hand. The hand revealed its owner.

It was Christina in all her creamy-skinned glory. It was Eva’s turn to be speechless. Christina as always looked effortlessly beautiful and she was wearing less than Eva had ever seen on her. A dress so low cut it showed a belly ring and half-moons of her breasts, it was also short riding up her thighs. Coupled with her aristocratic looking face and clear skin,she managed to make slutty look classy. Christina did a once over on Eva’s now frozen body.

“Well.” Was all Christina said and sashayed back into the apartment. Eva stared back at Christian in shock.

“Eva, it’s not what you think.” He started to plead looking fearful for her reaction.

“Really?” was all Eva could manage. Christian grabbed her arm and pulled her into the apartment before she could entertain the notion of running away.

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  1. Why do all d guys available read abt or seen in movies always say That? “…its not what you think”
    The day I’ll hear someone say something more original, I’ll doff my hat.
    Nice story though….wish I knew (can know) the start or at least the end of this….looks promising.

  2. Alright.

    Well written too.

    Please next.

  3. @shaifamily…hehehe…Till the day there’s a guy who’s been caught in such a compromising position and yet has time and sense to think up one…

    Bella be a sweetie and put up the next please…Well done…$ß.

    1. @sibbylwhyte hehehe….he called her over, right? So, still make dt excuse?

  4. one day the guys will say something new- but for now this is a good job, neat as it comes.

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  6. nice story, hope there are more episodes?

    1. I think there is one more.

      Gosh its been a while. I have more of this story tho. Dont know if I should still publish…

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