Chasing Pink Dreams

Chasing Pink Dreams

I was in food heaven. I shut my eyes as I munched slowly on the chocolate-coated cookie as the endorphins which are really just some things in our brains that produce pleasure effects, pumped waves of pleasure from my mouth to the rest of my body. From my deck chair beside my swimming pool, the sweet breeze that washed over face and through my thick afro was quite refreshing. My MP3 earpiece was stuck in my ears playing my favourite song by Lara George “Forever in my heart”. That was my recipe for pure bliss: my favourite song+ my newest tasty junk experiment + cool afternoon breeze beside the pool.

Suddenly my phone rang. Who could that be, destroying my perfect enjoyment? If it was a ‘flasher’, he/she was going to regret buying a phone! I picked the phone and pressed the green button. I opened my mouth to express my irritation when the person spoke first.

“Preye, it’s Chinonye. How have you been?”

I froze.

“Chinonye? Chinonye Ibe, is that you?” I croaked in shock.

“Yes, Preye. It’s Chinonye Ibe.” Her soft, quiet voice came on, again.

“Chinonye, Jeez! Girl, it’s been like four years now! Who….how…hey, where are you now? Wow…Chinonye…” I was babbling now.

“Calm down, Preye. I’m in Port Harcourt now and I checked up your address. Can I come over to your house?”

“Can you? Are you kidding me? Should I get you a court order?” I hurried over my words, wanting to get them all out at once.

Chinonye laughed. “I’m coming over then. See you in a few minutes.”

My perfect world was instantly forgotten. Chinonye was one of my secondary school best friends. We had been a trio with Douye who was in Paris doing a course in fashion designing. Chinonye had been in Abuja studying psychology in the state university. We’d been best friends since JSS1 when we’d discovered we had the same birthdays. But with time, we’d drifted apart and now, out of the blue, Chinonye was coming over. Was this crazy or what?

I ran into the house and tried to arrange my perpetually scattered room. I hurried into my pink T-shirt and jeans and looked around the room. It was fairly arranged, not looking like a tornado had swept through it as before. I barely had time to hide my packet of potato chips in my desk drawer before my doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, I saw a young lady with red hair and sunshades the size of Texas. She was grinning widely. I started to ask who she was when she jumped on me with a fierce hug. Chinonye was behind her.

“Preye! It’s me, silly.” She said as she took off her sunshades.

It was Douye. I shrieked with joy and hugged her back, pulling Chinonye into the hug with one arm. I was ecstatic, that I was seeing my best friends again after four years of few and far between phone calls. In my head, the background music was Styl Plus‘s “four years don waka, we still dey carry go…nobody waka, nobody go solo…”

“I’ve missed us so much!” Douye said as the hug ended and the sound track in my head rolled to a stop.

“I met her in a shop just few minutes ago.” Chinonye explained to me about Douye’s sudden appearance. “And I brought her along. Port Harcourt is so full of everybody!” she laughed.

“I wanted to surprise you…I didn’t know Chinonye was in town too.” Douye said, settling down comfortably on my bed. Chinonye sat in the chair by the corner.

“Does anyone want a drink or something?” I asked.

“Please.” Douye said. “I’m dying for a chilled-”

“Sprite!” Chinonye and I completed. We all laughed.

I went to the kitchen and returned with a tray of drinks and a huge wedge of chocolate cake I’d baked the day before.

We chatted about old times and what we’d been doing for a while before Chinonye cleared her throat in just that particular way she does when she has something important to say.

I stopped mid-munch and swallowed the cake with a big gulp of my Fanta. Douye looked up at her.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

Chinonye brought out a book from her bag and showed us.

“Have we forgotten this?” she asked. “We’re going to be twenty in a few months, girls. Did we forget ‘Pink’?” she asked.

Douye gasped lightly. “Oh my goodness!”

40 thoughts on “Chasing Pink Dreams” by queennobo (@queennobo)

  1. @Queen, you are going to explain this pink thing to me, wont you? Well done for writing. Lets call this a queenly story.

    1. I definitely will…thank you for reading and commenting. Though i don’t really understand what you mean by ‘a queenly story’…

  2. We are not all chicks here na
    I dont even want to know any pink thing.

    1. Hmm…this is my first post on this site. With time, I’m sure I’ll write other stuff that will appeal to the “non-chicks”…Although I can’t resist adding that this was categorized under Chick-lit for a reason.
      Anyway, I’m glad a good critic like you read this. Thank you!

  3. The story was captured perfectly in a girly way. I can only wonder what ‘Pink’ is though…Well done…$ß.

    1. Thank you, Bubbllinna…I’m glad you think so. You’ll soon find out what it is…

    2. I enjoyed this story oooooooo, well-thought out, well-written and well-rendered……….

  4. yep…i also want to see the continuation/completion of the story

    well done!

    1. Thank you, Teewah…

  5. First comment: Girly…
    Might come have another look to shout a bit more and blab… ;)
    Well done [do we call you Queen or Nobo?]… Let’s see what else you have. Cheers!

    1. that’s right, Sueddie, girly is what it can call me either one…I don’t mind. And, by all means, do come again…Thank you!

  6. “non-chicks” or no chickens, @Kaycee you’re non-chick(en) hahahaha,
    Well, chasing dreams is never easy, not to talk of a pinkish one.
    It’s all your cheese!

    1. Thank you for reading, Ostar..

  7. @queennobo: Ok, so this is actually the first chick lit I’ve read on this site. Away with my prejudice,, the genre isn;t that bad, if I had to judge from this story. Well done.

  8. Wow..I’m glad my story has changed your mind about chick lit…Thank you, tosyn…

    1. What is “chick lit” ?

      Hehehe, that is on the lighter note.

      Fine work.

      1. @shaifamily, chick lit is, in a nutshell, modern women’s fiction that deals with the challenges women face, not necessarily focusing on romance (so as not to be confused with romantic fiction).
        But of course, you may already know that.
        Thanks for reading and commenting on my story!

  9. This was utterly believable, entertaining, and very well written! Post the next bit already :-) . Well done!

    1. Thanks…thanks…@nicolebassey. will do!

  10. happy, lively, racy. good job! thumbs up!

    1. @obiaguomba, i just love those adjectives…I’m glad you feel that way about the story. Thank you for reading.

  11. This is nice. Rushing to go read part 2.

  12. Came again like I promised.
    This is really racy – pacy if you will. This is nice. There’s an excitement, a certain joie de vivre found in almost every line. It sure does not force you to wish to read the next instalment but gives a satisfaction in itself and subtly suggests that you go for the next.
    You have written well Eno. This is good. Well done.

    1. Thank you, @Sueddie…for keeping ur promise. You’re telling me something I haven’t been told before. I’m happy to hear that. And if you say it is good… :-D

  13. I get what you mean by this post, don’t feel the desire to know what ‘Pink’ is…a mutual childhood fantasy plan…? It’s straightforward, feels real…I just can’t connect to it.

    1. @lelouch, thank you for reading the first part. I think you’d feel better about the story if you read the part II. And any tips on how to make my readers connect with the story are welcome…..

  14. Very well-written, breezy, readable story, @queennobo. You set the story nicely up, and leave me wondering what ‘Pink’ is.

    Off to read the next part.

    1. @TolaO, I’m happy you read this…

  15. I wanted to read something this morning and it was your story that caught my attention, and I’m not disappointed at all.

    Where’s part 2 please?

    1. @babyada, am happy that my story didn’t disappoint. I posted part two long ago. Check under Fiction or Editor’s Picks or Chick Lit category. Or better still, just click on my display name and you’ll be able to find it. Thank you for reading! :-)

  16. Now I am confused…what part did I read where the girls made that commitment to each other? I thought it was Chasing Pink Dreams 1? Okay…babe. Nice work

    1. @enoquin, you read part II before this one, which is part I. Since you’ve already read both of them, i think u should just arrange them in your head :-) Thanks for reading and commenting. I’m happy you did!

        1. @enoquin, ”ma”? Lol. I never reach oh…

  17. I spotted a few plot inconsistences, I think: Preye and Chinonye had lost contact for four years so much so that Chinonye didn’t have Preye’s address, and Preye didn’t know where in the world Chinonye was, YET we hear next of phone calls that were few and far between…
    Then there’s that coincidence of Chinonye and Douye suddenly landing in PH and running into each other, and that each chick’s name ends in the same sound, ‘-ye’. Hmmmmmmmmm… ;-)

    You dey mind me? :-P

    The story is cheery, has a quiet excitement to it. I love that opening; was stunning and the imagery strong. Well done. **off to chase pink part 2** ;-)

    1. @kayceenj, thanks for pointing out those inconsistencies. As for the names rhyming at the end, I never even noticed that. Lol. It wasn’t intentional at all…
      Thanks for those compliments. They’re very encouraging, and head-swellinng… :-)

  18. Let’s see how the continuation turns out. Bring it on, writer.

    1. @strongself, thanks for reading. Part 2 and 3 (the end) are already out…

  19. Made for a good read, i liked the flow…

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