It keeps happening

Sweeping across like a whirlwind

Escalating than a wild fire

Lives are more of a chicken

Slaughtered in the kitchen

Because it is too cheap

Worth two seeds of okro,

We were never this way

Where did water enter the pumpkin?

To you fanning the embers of trouble

Flee not thee when it bubble

Stay and rumble,

Young man,

Listen not to the old gag

For you is already a rag

Dustbin will you be dumped

With a tag of “condemned criminal”,


Look out for your children

Spare not the rod when astray becomes their names,


Let your daughters be at peace

Send them not into the streets

Or they live in pieces,

Mr. Clergy,

Lead your congregation with right words

Do not deceive the world,

Let God fight His battle

While Satan lead the cattle,

Oga Police,

Leave twenty naira

And slumber not

On your duty post

For you sworn to serve and protect with integrity,

To you Journalist,

Yes, the pen is thy weapon

You can murder with,

Nevertheless, let not your reportage be sentimental

Let truth prevail,

Mr. Killer,

Remember you own not your life

Tomorrow is pregnant

Its child, we know not

6 thoughts on “Advice” by Uchechukwu Obiakor (@uchechukwu1)

    1. “For you (sworn) to serve and protect with integrity,”

  1. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Let your daughters be in peace,
    send them not into the streets,
    Good lines from a good poet.
    Nice work!

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