Heart broken

To My Lady

If only I’m a bird with large wings,
I’ll fly away with you to a faraway land
We’ll be free and I will put a ring on your finger
Take you to the altar and make you my own.
I’ll gently bless thy temple with kisses
And we’ll lay naked together from morn’ till dusk.

The days are always long and weary
Dreadfully I always wait for cold nights
Laying still on bed without blankets.
How I wish you would cover me at night
Together, we’ll be blankets for each other.
Dearest Penelope, you’re truly my one and only.

Please, be my woman
And I promise to be your Yeoman.
I will take you to places you’ve never been
And someday, I’ll make you pregnant- take in.
I know you love me and I love you too
Come join me, and one plus one won’t be two.

Forget all nonsense you hear about me
Come to me, I will give you money.
Come rest your head on me, i’ll be your pillow
Always guide you; i’ll be your hero.
Beautiful Penelope, hmmmm! You’re such a baby
Come be my woman, my gorgeous pweety fair lady.

19 thoughts on “To My Lady” by lactoo (@louis)

  1. Nice…nice.
    Which one is Yeoman again?

  2. Okay now. Let’s go. Lol. Nice one @louis

  3. Hmmm.


  4. This is nice.

    “And someday, I’ll make you pregnant- take in.” This line sounds like rap.

  5. @electrika. Thanks for dropping by. Yeoman is actually a farmer who takes very good of his crops. Being a yeoman to a lady means being her caretaker. Gracias.

  6. @lancaster. Thanks 4 droppin by. Lets go there dude. Hahaha.

  7. @kaycee. I gbadu dat ur laf o. Hope sey i no bore u wit my post. Thanks 4 the laugh.

  8. @seun. Dude I bow 4 dat ur hailing oo. My head kon dey swell smal smal. Thanks dude 4 dropping by.

  9. @lachicabonita, yep, i don’t really know but . . . Yeah, i guess it’s sounds like rap. Thanks 4 dropin by though.

  10. Ok @Lactoo that’s good.
    Now, close your eyes, read the imageries once again,
    check if there’s any inconsistency not minding the mind’s
    tendency to excellence….fix and remix, for most times
    remixes are of better stuffs.

    Must the Shakespearean, “Thy” be used, it should run all
    through; though certain readers don’t like its usages.

    “And we’ll lay naked together from morn’ till dusk.”
    Lay bare is more acceptable, for virtue lies in the middle. Strive
    to strike a balance to arrive at the desired points. “Morn” alone
    is acceptable without the ” ‘ “.

    Keep the ink spilling Lactoo.

  11. @ostar my big big oga. Dude, I really felt this corrections. Thanks a million for dropping by. I duff my hat, as always. Gracias, my oga.

  12. Hmmm… Quite an upgrade from the very 1st poems you put up here. Nice one Louis.
    Na which gel you wan decieve dis time ehn?.. Hehe.
    Well done…$ß.

  13. @sibbylwhyte. Thanks 4 dropping by. Hmmm, it’s cute u know to swell a gal’s head wit beautiful poetry. Glad u observed the growth.
    4 dat our deal, i still dey work on am o. I want make e tight, but chaa as soon as i type am finish i go send am giv u.

  14. Making sense bro.

  15. Nice poem.

    “someday, I’ll make you pregnant- take in” this line feels awkward with the presence of [take in], which is no different from [pregnant]. The rhyme appears forced at that point.

    You seem to have written of love but this line, “Come to me, I will give you money,” says otherwise; another case of seemingly forced rhyme.
    Finally, the use of “pweety” is unenglish.

    Well done.

  16. @chimzorom, thanks a lot for the ‘nice poem’ up there.
    Em…em…em, I’m gonna confess i forced some rhymes, yep and thank u 4 fishing ’em out.
    As 4 the money aspect. In naija, there’s no romance without finance no mata how BIG the luv is.
    Hahahahaha, my opinion oo. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. Gracias.

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