Tears for Miss Dana

Tears for Miss Dana

In loving memory of Dana plane crash victims,

Sun June 3rd, 2012.


A wailing was heard in Lagos

Weeping and great mourning

Dana weeps for her offspring

Who would not at this loss?


She refused to be comforted

For all her brood are no more

Aboard and afloat like of yore

She smiled to the sky assured


Lively with wealth and health

Animated with treasury of life

Of beauty, of love and of strive

But you were waiting oh death!


A heartless beast and a sadist

Hiding under wings of shadows

Coward in the order of shallows

Or wouldn’t you fight with fist?


Aside, we have many an enemy

For the reason of being humans

Thus let all board to these planes

Fighting for our good like an army


I come to you Dana in solidarity

With candles, words and flowers

Hold back your eyes from tears,

And your cry from misery and pity


Behold, they’ll return to you anew

Though you don’t know how but wait

And like the fruiting of a grain of wheat

Peace would come to you like dew

Jeremiah 31: 15-16


      I commiserate with you with a heartfelt sympathy,

                          Ositadimma Amakeze



19 thoughts on “Tears for Miss Dana” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. “Or wouldn’t you fight with fist?”

    At first glance, that sentence looks incorrect…but if what I understood is what you meant, it is correct.

    I don’t think ‘a’ should follow your ‘heartfelt’. You can’t quantify sympathy I think.

    Nice one.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya thanks for the correction. I appreciate.
      @chemokopi great insight. The title though was an irony.
      @lancaster same here buddy.

  2. Nice. Hmmm…I am wondering if I should sympathize with Miss Dana since she was already old enough to be retired from active service. Maybe I should since it has been confirmed that her foster parents knew she was ill before letting her fly. I grieve for the now broken eggs that where in her womb.

  3. I ditto @chomokopi. I feel “only” for the eggs inside. Wasted lives leaving behind broken dreams and unfinished business.

    Nice one @ostar

  4. I really concur with@chemokopi‘s comment,i weep 4 those innocent souls that boarded nt knowing dat they won’t disembark and those that were sitting/cooking/reading/sleeping/gisting in d comfort of their homes…..I weep 4 my country and d nonchalant attitude 2wards human life.

    1. @obionyinye let us keep our knees down too,
      prayers changes things. God bless you.
      @uchechukwu1 dalu but @chemokopi “Miss Dana” is ironic personification.

  5. Nice one@ostar,but i agree with @chemokopi.Keep it on

  6. This is (an) art. The tittle is ironic and it’s personification is purposefully unique. Your contention is taken care of by the 5th stanza, “Aside….” Nor your limping between opinions unnecessary, works of art are won’t and or liable to evoke applied and implied disposition. Above all, I appreciate your words. Life without you all is strife!

    Requiescant in pace amici!

  7. I weep for the children she took with her on that ill-fated journey…
    Nice lines Ostar.

    1. @sibbylwhyte something is missing….
      the signature. Thanks the Billion $ B!
      @sambrightomo …that memories do not fade.
      You are blessed.

      1. @ostar; and now it’s been found! $ß…Hehehe…Hope you’ve been good!?

  8. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    However d tears,lives lost cannot be replaced.We can only capture history in a hurry with d power of our pens…

  9. …I feel you bro…

  10. we cry with our pen
    for our ill-fated brethren
    pen continually bled
    as we craft a space for them
    on the scroll of history
    hoping that the grand perpetrators
    get to read them this time…

    Ostar thanks for the contribution. All izz well!

  11. Okay. Na today i don c ur name. Ositadimma Amakeze.

  12. Well written.

  13. @ostar…well said, the horror of this incident will not be easily erased from many minds.

  14. The ‘comforted’ in the first line of the second stanza, “She refused to be comforted” would better read, “consoled”….

    @sibbylwhyte s good. Yes it’s been good the $ß lady!

    @sambrightomo life is priceless my brother. God grant them peace and rest Amen

    @raymond here is incomplete without minds like you.

    @francis my guy you’re able!

    @Kaycee respect

    @dottaraphels let’s keep candles burning in prayers dear.

    @louis Lactoo I am O sita di mma, o diri gawa of A makeze ata, o ma duo!

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