Sorrow finds its home in our today and tomorrows

Is there life devoid of sorrow?

It shapes our today and tomorrows

On the bed of sorrow we can find the wings of strength

And the breath of courage

To live a better tomorrow

Who can resist the call of sorrow?

Resisting its call is to languish in the pit of no tomorrows

Embracing its call

We rise and soar to fight for tomorrow

Your today is my tomorrow

The strength you find in your sorrow today

Carves a path for my better tomorrow

No man can live in a burrow

In exclusion we deepen our sorrow

Hindering the growth of tomorrow


On the back of sorrow

We build a future of better tomorrows

15 thoughts on “Sorrow” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. yes, in our pain and sorrow, we have the drive to live for tomorrow. what doesn’t kill us, definitely makes us stronger. if we don’t get stronger, then we need to go through that lesson again and again.
    deep words @aturmercy. well written

  2. @aturmercy you are absolutely right!

    The sooner we embrace sadness as it happens in our lives, the faster we begin to heal

  3. Strength in Sorrow? Not me. My strength is in Someone Greater jor. >_<

    1. lol….@Raymond, without a doubt our strength is in someone greater. We must of course believe that He who bears all things is the only source that enables you rise again out of any situation.
      So when you think about it, we all mean the same thing.

      Those who dwell on a bad situation remain stagnant in their desire to achieve anything good out of it, but the minute the ability to rise above it is given….well you know the rest.

  4. We build a future of better tomorrows

    this line does it for me.

  5. Ehm..okay this didn’t do it for me, not because the poem is not nice, but I couldn’t relate with the whole building a tomorrow from sorrow thing!

    Well Done!

  6. And in order to to reconstruct anew we must tear down the whole right from the foundation

  7. Thoughtful.

  8. Quite insightful.

  9. The beginning of tomorrow starts today,
    I implied. Apart from avoidable sorrows,
    others that do not kill, make one stronger!

  10. A future of better tomorrows. Yes, that’s right

    Welldone @aturmercy

  11. adding mine:’from the days of Adam, they borrowed sorrow for tomorrow’…beautiful poem, great poet

  12. You are a genius with the way you played on the present reality of sorrow TODAY, and the ability it has to forge our TOMORROWS. That was the first thing I noticed, and I loved the way it builds up to the last line of the poem. Well done!


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