She Stood Me Up One Too Many Times

…So I Wrote Her A Poem


Here I am again, laying mind swept

Just… thinking of you

Skulking through my mind’s crevasses

Any memory of you would do


Your smile… like a Caribbean summer

So warm and full of spice

Your voice piercing like a bullet

into my heart, how hard it tries


Tries to get away from the allure of your mystique

Tries to get away from your bittersweet beauty

Tries to find a way like it was hide and seek

But it remains laden, smitten by your mystery


Your eyes tell tales of a thousand fallen men

Your hips speak proverbs to the woe of the fallen

Your touch so tender, just your aura did woo men

You are clearly an astounding wo-man


Here I am again, laying mind swept

Just… thinking of you

Lost in a twisted fantasy

Trying to find you…

32 thoughts on “She Stood Me Up One Too Many Times” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. @jamesndu bravo! Succint use of language is the hallmark of poetry.You have carefully chosen words that conveys imageries…welldone.

    1. Thank you @sambrightomo, coming from you… I appreciate


  2. And so the poet becomes one of the many fallen men…

    Beautifully written!

    1. Sadly..yes!

      Thank you.

  3. Lovely!!! Am a bit wary of the ending though, sounds inconclusive to me. what do you all think?

    1. Thanks… If you think it is inconclusive…Maybe that’s the idea. :)

  4. Niece poetry. Enjoyed it.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it…

  5. Great poem…

  6. Oh… Nice one. You worked hard on this one. Keep writing.

    1. You bet! Thanks a millie

  7. Lovely poem. I enjoyed it. Wish you found some other words to describe her smile though.

    1. lol!!! me too…

  8. Seek her more. You’ll find her.


    1. shey i resemble legend of the SEEKER? lol Thanks for reading…:)

  9. Been trying to imagine that smile like Caribbean summer!
    Nice poem.

    1. google images of caribbean summer…might help

  10. Find her fast, before ya mind miss!

    1. Not interested, lol… thanks!

  11. I like your flow, bro. Well done!

  12. I love the tittle specially cause of the style… Nice poem too.

  13. Nostalgia.
    Idle minds and evocative thoughts.
    Nice one!

    1. Thanks for reading

  14. a poem that captures my heart…Nice and Nice and Nice

    1. awwwww…. Thanks G

  15. very nicely done.

    1. Thanks a lot..

  16. as an addendum to all that have been said, the story is one of the best I read today……..

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