New Books Nigeria Launches Review Competition

New Books Nigeria Launches Review Competition

New Books Nigeria has launched a book review competition for the best three reviews of Edible Bones.


To participate in this contest, simply buy your own copy of EDIBLE BONES, enjoy it, write a review of not more that 500 words afterwards and you stand a chance of winning a cash prize.

· First Prize: N15,000
· Second Prize: N10,000
· Third Prize: N5, 000


Entry Guidelines

Entries should be sent by e-mail (in the body of message and not as an attachment) to, with the subject line: Edible Bones

All entries must be received not later than 25th July, 2012 and winners will be announced on July 30th 2012

Please include the following in your entry:

Full Name
Phone Number
Place of purchase
Purchase Receipt Number

Copies of EDIBLE BONES can be purchased from:

Lagos: Quintessence Bookstore, Falomo Shopping Complex, Terra Kulture, in VI.
Abuja: Silverbird Lifestyles Shop
Kaduna: Arewa House Book Store

Interested participants can also call 08030918330 for copies to be mailed to them anywhere in Nigeria at N2,500 (Postage inclusive)*


More Info –



15 thoughts on “New Books Nigeria Launches Review Competition” by Admin (@ogaoga)

  1. Avatar of Seun-Odukoya
    Seun-Odukoya (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Hmmm. I wonder what the book itself costs.

    Buy a book and review it to win 15 grand?

    I think not. I’d rather do it for the heck of it.

    1. Avatar of Afronuts
      Afronuts (@): Newbie - 0 pts


      My point exactly…what a clever marketing scheme!

      But seriously…is it really clever?

      1. Avatar of Scopeman
        Scopeman (@): Newbie - 0 pts

        I don’t think paying to have your book reviewed is absurd…perhaps organising a contest around it is, but it’s all to an end- Publicity. You’ll be surprised at how well this worked eventually…or not.

  2. Avatar of lactoo
    lactoo (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Me too @seun. No b small thing. Book review sef don turn to contest. Na waoo.

  3. Avatar of chemokopi
    chemokopi (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Amazing cover design!

  4. Avatar of Obisike
    Obisike (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    yeah…very attractive cover. Maybe if they provide pdf versions of the book free and let folks compete to review…

  5. Avatar of osakwe
    osakwe (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Don’t just read it. Buy it and prove you did with a receipt number. Na wah o.

  6. Avatar of kaycee
    kaycee (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    But I don’t want to read the book na.
    I will still do a review. Nobody says you must read a book before you review it.

  7. Avatar of ostar
    ostar (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    The bone, is it really edible?

  8. Avatar of mikeeffa
    mikeeffa (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    am sure the bones we are reviewing are edible if not they will not ask us to review it

  9. Avatar of Chimzorom
    Chimzorom (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    I love bones… and edible ones? yummy!
    Nice marketing and publicity scheme… this is business.

  10. Avatar of lawore olufemi
    lawore olufemi (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    edible bones..’non-edible flesh’

  11. Avatar of ostar
    ostar (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    Mmm @lawore olufemi, “non-edible fleshe?”
    Chy you’re right @Chimzorom
    Sure @mikeeffa

  12. Avatar of ostar
    ostar (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    A slip of the ink. Pls ‘flesh’ and not +e.
    Thank you.

  13. Avatar of Joseph Omotayo
    Joseph Omotayo (@): Newbie - 0 pts

    This is good.

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