My Love

My Love


My Love


Were it that we were stars

We’d be ‘neath the cloud

Through its azurest skies

To its splendid moonhood


We’ll shine o’er its hills

Down its valleys deep

Side walking our heart’s paths

Till eyelids close in sleep


Fall like dews, O bosom

From the womb of dawn

And let flower-spirit bloom

To the shining smiling sun


Sweetie Nightie


As I lay to rest in sleep

May I blow a kiss and a hug

In the lisping serene wind

That its whispers of care and love

Blows across your heart’s ears

Wherever you’re as sweet lullabies

To a cuddled tender baby

In a sweetie nightie cradle


My Heart will go on


I could stop my breath

And everything becomes nothing

To catch a glimpse in me

Of your once a graceful presence


It seems an age of vain search

In an endless tunnel of darkness

Deep down my lonely heart

Where your footprints walked away


But my heart will go on

In loving till my eyelids close

While winds sweep sands o’er

These impressions you left within


Then everything becomes real

For I could stop not my heart’s spirit

From the bosom of roses

In loving you for e’er

I love u!

9 thoughts on “My Love” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. Hehehehehehehehehehe.

    My luff! Nice.

    1. @Seun-Odukoya the great!

      I duff!

      @Myne hail greatness.

      @onyekaba Kabas ndewo.

  2. sweet love, indeed :)

    1. @kaycee marry? forgotten it’s the property of the living?
      I salute you gent.

      @chimzorom ….teews? It’s like it. Chi kedukwanu?

      @obionyinye thanks Anne.

  3. Beautiful…like d 3rd one most


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