My Life’s an Epic

The spotlight goes on.

Greetings! My name is Wilson. I’m your comrade with a gift for the spoken word, and I’m about to tell my life’s story. Indulge me awhile, I promise it won’t bore. Plus, a few nuggets just might stick.


My life’s an epic, yes

The scenes will fill a tome, true

Play the strings now, please

We need some accompaniment to this tale.


I have braved many odds, me

Scaled mountains and crossed a thousand seas

I fight dragons and I’m scratched plenty

But my dragons perish and I live still.


I try to define myself prim and proper

But I keep bumping into walls and crossing borders

Uncertainty’s basic in this life, see

But hope’s unrelenting too.


I’m a child of wonder, surely

When I should brook an ambiance at the first

And it’s Deja Vu already

My life is split between nature and I

Inspiration oozes from every pore.


The hard stuff comes easy, I’m awed

The easy stuff stands hard, it’s weird

My weaknesses rise and become my strengths

My strengths fade into a weakness

I have but to admit to this truth evident

It is not I running this show.


What then’s my claim to fame, you ask?

I’m a child of divinity, don’t you see?

The life I live is not mine, really

I stand trustee of Life’s gift.


Gifted I am as you can see

But deep within my essence rests

Propelled to motion by a mandate divine,

My actions have import here and hereafter.


The world is crazy and life is weird

Indestructible, indefatigable, I still seem

But that is the deal if I stick with my maker

I will be here a pretty long time, yeah

On a roll and blazing hot.


Have I a witness to this tale of grace?

A kindred soul on the heels of Purpose?

Take my hand then, you who believe

Let us jointly unleash potential’s bounty

Let’s make the world a better place.


I hold the fort, gallantly

Hands on the plow, ain’t  no looking back

When this business here is done

I see me showered a rapturous welcome.



In a twinkling I am transported to a familiar place on earth – my bedroom. Wifey is tapping and pushing on my numb torso, calling my name from a distant place.

“Will…Will…wake up!”

It takes a while but I finally capture my bearings.

“What is it, dear,” I slur.

“You are talking in your sleep!”

At the news, a layer – just a layer – of drowsiness evaporates. Embarrassment descends like a shiver, but I’m groggy still.  I place a hand on her lap and brush feebly.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing,” I say.

But she gives me the ‘what do you mean’ look.


“Poetry?” she repeats, bewildered somewhat. “You mean you were reciting-”

I put up a pleading hand to make her stop. Please say no more.


24 thoughts on “My Life’s an Epic” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. Ok, so you want make we join hands Eh?
    I dey come….
    Nice one bro…..

  2. I enjoyed this. Nice work.

  3. hahahahahahaha so it was a dream after all .Beautiful concept.I love it!

  4. So epic you talk in your sleep ba?

    Luvli read, I like!

  5. lovely!!!

  6. I wouldn’t mind reciting poetry while I sleep!

  7. Hehehe. Nice concept. Me likey and I won’t mind sleep-talking too.

    1. @chemokopi…you dey reserve your comment?

  8. This is a special sort of sleep-talking that I wouldn’t mind doing!
    The poem itself is a very lovely one!

  9. Hehehehe… Please, don’t go and confess to that girl in Ur dreams, before ya wife renders U headless with ‘aka odo’ !

    1. haba, bros! there was no girl in the dream o.

    2. you know, that kind thing is one of the “disadvantages” – this one wey some people say dem like sleep-talking.

  10. Okay… I’m reading this and I’m feeling like “please God let this be pleasant to the very end”

    In the end I just clasp my hands (for lack of yours to hold) in great respect for this delivery.

    And yeah…

    I bear witness to the tale
    Bounded for the place of purpose
    My hands stretch I forth
    To rummage through potential’s bounty
    With our quills we’ll find a place of rest

    Don’t ask me if this was pleasant to the very end :)

    1. @midas..thanks, man. You’re generous.

  11. it flows like a stream running gently on its course well done

  12. Gifted I am as you can see
    But deep within my essence rests
    Propelled to motion by a mandate divine,
    My actions have import here and hereafter.

    This line is the messenger, but I do not truly understand the second and the third line, their flow especially.

    You are gifted alright. I like this poem. Please write some more, and thank you for this one.

    1. @tochukwu…methinks the message in the third line is quite clear: I am propelled to motion (action) by a divine mandate, and my actions have effect here and in the afterlife. As for the flow, only reviewers can judge. Thanks for reading, liking, and commenting. I appreciate.

      1. Alright then. I was actually looking at the second line there. Thanks for the reply.

  13. In one word, its SIZZLING

  14. This is really cool….The sleeptalking made it all so different…Well done…$ß.

  15. Well, why I don’t don’t like it, is because it is very good. You’re crafty man….

    Great concept.

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