King Of Comedy

King Of Comedy

They devoured the apple

Weak in flesh and spirit

They fell for the serpent’s deceit

 But we were the ones

Banished from Eden

They killed Abel

Their murderous rage kindled

By covetous thoughts

But we were the ones

Visited with the curse of Cain

They looked back on Sodom

Defiant in their sacrilege

But we were the ones

Turned into a pillar of salt

They sold Christ

For shekels of silver

Fulfilling a destiny long foretold

But we were the ones

Fated to bear the cross of Judas

They murdered sleep

Unrepentant of their evil ways

But we are the ones

Destined to forever stay awake

They are the King’s jesters

Clowns and troubadours

Pandering to his every whim

But we are the ones

Fated to be the victims

Of his tragic humour.

(Inspired by the song “King of Comedy” by REM)

15 thoughts on “King Of Comedy” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Making sense.Kudos

  2. ESOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice one.

  3. I ditto @unchechukwu1. It makes a lot of sense. We now bear the cross of the sins we didn’t commit… Just like the poor handling of Dana aircraft.

    Welldone @esosa

  4. This is Touche. Tragic Humor indeed. What you forgot to put is the picture of the joker, smiling wickedly.

  5. Making SENtenSES………

  6. Abrupt ending…beyond pointing out errors, literature corrects…the abrupt ending made me ask, “so?”

  7. Nice one….The sins of the father visited upon the child…Well done.

  8. Liked this.

  9. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Great Stuff. Short and sweet

  10. Not bad, and I guess I’d say that where you have “they”, it’ll be great if you used the pronouns “he” or “she” as it applies to each individual.

  11. well done. i love the message behind it.

  12. Besides stating the obvious, this is nice.

  13. Nice…

    And may I add, they looted our treasury and we are the ones bearing the brunt…
    Not in the slant of your post but the state of my mind right now. Kudos.

  14. I shuddered…..

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