Jazzillie: The Purple Menace!!! (Comic Book Story)

Jazzillie: The Purple Menace!!! (Comic Book Story)

Bayo’s Room

A clock is heard ticking

Tick, Tick, Tick

(Shows the minute clock move from 5:58, 5:59 and when on 6:00 the alarm goes off.)

Scene 2: A shoe is shown hitting the alarm clock

Scene 3: (Camera zooms out to show a room littered with clothes, shoes, magazines etc, mattress on the floor and someone sleeping in it.) The radio comes on and a voice is heard!

Reporter: Good morning, this is the Freeze FM’s News at 6, Lagosians yesterday, made an appeal to the commissioner of police, with regards the spate of…..

A guy is shown stretching (camera pan from behind)

Scene 4 There is a blackout,

Scene 5 The guy is shown with a torch (Camera showing Black Out, then next scene with torch light showing a bit of his face)

He Says: NEPA! Why today?!


Office Setting

Scene 1 Camera shows a fax coming out of a fax machine (making the normal fax noise)

Scene 2 Camera shows a hand picking up paper from the floor, a sign depicting the presidency with the coat of arms is shown on the paper.

Scene 3 A man is shown holding a telephone (Back view is shown)

Man on Phone: Get me Mustapha!!!

Reply from other End: Yes, General


Freeze FM Station

Scene 1 A lady is shown reading the news into a microphone (Radio Studio Set)

Scene 2 Camera zooms out to 2 (lady and Guy) people looking into the studio

Lady: When will I get my big break, I am tired of been an office/support journalist.

Guy: You need to learn the ropes Aisha, your time will come


Scene 3 Camera Pan (free Style)

Lady: But I need to be out there learning the ropes and not be in the studio 5- 5!

Guy: if you are serious about it, speak with the manager

Lady: I just might!!!


Muritala Mohammed International Airport

Camera shows a plane on the runway (Israeli Air inscribed on the plane)

Scene 1 A man in sunshades is shown walking collecting his passport and walking towards the airport exit. Camera shows a Military Officer walking towards the man in sunshades

Uniformed man: Good morning captain, how was your flight?

Sunshades man: Depends! Who are you?

Uniformed man: Corporal Williams, General Adebayo would like to see you


Scene 2

Camera zooms out showing the uniformed man talking to the man in sunshades


Scene 3&4

2 Uniformed men in a jeep are shown chatting

Officer right: The famous Captain Mustapha

Officer Left: Learnt he worked with Israeli and Egyptian intelligence

Officer right: Correction he ran Israeli and Egyptian intelligence

Office Left: Imagine that!


Scene 5 Camera shows back view of an open roof jeep driving away from the International Airport


Unilag Scene 1

(Camera showing Unilag Main Gate)

 Scene 2 (Camera shows

  • a lady walking down a corridor with a folder in her hand
  • She walks into a reception (there are peoples seated and also a Big Sign on the Wall (Unilag Labs) and calls out a name

Lady: Mr. Bayo Wilson

A guy is shown standing up

Guy: Yes?! That’s me

Lady: Please Come with me.


Camera shows 4 people seated around a table (3 men, 1 woman)

It is a small office, no windows, just a steel door.


Middle man: Good day Bayo, how are you feeling today?

Bayo: Fine

First Man: We are here today to certify if you are healthy enough to return to work after the accident

Bayo: No problem, Sir!

 A locking sound is heard from the other side of the door (Everyone ignores it)

 Woman: From your lab results we see you are currently on vicon, may we know why?

Bayo: That was prescribed by my Doctor to relieve the slight pain in my muscles

 Camera shows gas coming into the room from a pipe underneath the door.

 Last Man: You realize if you were dealing with very toxic substances any prescription must be cleared by us.


Bayo: He is my family doctor and he is aware…..

 Camera shows every one in the room passing out. Camera shows Bayo trying to open the door, its locked; he is shown punching the wall . Camera shows wall breaking


He looks at his hand, it’s on fire. Camera shows it turning from hot metal to his normal skin.

(Nobody sees this)

 Camera shows a heavy set man in a lab coat pushing a trolley (small Gas Canisters and chemicals on trolley), while people are shown running in all directions.


Army Cantonment Ikeja

Scene 1 Camera shows the Jeep at the Airport Entering into Army Cantonment

Scene 2 Camera shows a door with the inscription “Director, Military Intelligence”

Scene 3 Camera shows a a big framed uniformed man at the window, Back view is seen

Scene 4 The Big Framed Man (General Adebayo) is shown smoking a Cigar and says

General Adebayo: Good morning, Captain Mustapha,

Captain Mustapha: Good morning sir (saluting) (sunshades still on)


Scene 5 (Camera shows General Adebayo handing the fax over to Captain Mustapha)

General Adebayo: We apologize for interrupting your vacation, but we need your expertise for a special assignment. The presidency has ordered for a drastic reduction in crime in the state.

Captain Mustapha: How far is the president willing to go in fixing this problem, in terms of “support”?

General Adebayo: You have full clearance and full access to all required. Note this assignment is strictly on a need to know basis. You understand we will have no involvement if it goes wrong way

Captain Mustapha: As usual we don’t exist (Camera shows grin on his face)


Janitor’s House

Scene 1 Show heavy Set man opening a small desk freezer (Camera Pan is from inside the freezer showing racks of test-tubes and some gas canisters and behind all these the janitor’s face)

 Scene 2 Camera shows the room (Clothes and bags hanging on the wall, a table with a chemistry set (test-tube rack, test-tubes and a Bunsen burner) one light bulb. A rat is shown running from one side to another, behind buckets.

 There is a knock on the door.

 Camera pan from the top, showing half the room and half the corridor (It’s a “face me I face” House)

 Man at door: Jinadu, your rent is due oh!!

Jinadu: Oga landlord, I will give you the money, please give me till Friday

Man at door: No problem!  Just agree by Friday you are paying me double! Bank sef dey charge interest on loan.

 Jinadu: Oga landlord, why now?! When I was still working you know I always pay, even in advance.

 Man at door: Now you no get job, make I dey accumulate gbese? Please I don’t have time, pay me double by Friday, SIMPLE!!!

 Scene 4

Camera shows the landlord walking away.

 Landlord thinking to himself (This life na wa oh, Jinadu had 2 cars, rented 4 rooms, now he is leaving in one room, and even begging for credit on rent. Them don show that guy.)

Landlord: Iya Bisi !!! (Knocking on another door)

 Scene 5

Jinadu is shown resting on the door and looking at the ceiling

 Scene 6

Camera zooms in the chemistry set and the test-tubes on the table

 Scene 7

Need to finish this now! (Determination shown on his face)


Bayo’s Apartment

Scene 1

2 men outside a door, on the door we see no 13.
Bayo opens the door, looking surprised

Man on left: Good day Mr. Wilson, We are from the State Security Service (showing his id) we will like you to accompany us to our office. We need you to clarify an issue.

Bayo: What issue? I need to have more details, incase I might need my lawyer present!

Man on right: No need for that Mr. Wilson. The government lost a State Of The Art Equipment. You were the closest to the machine before it was destroyed.

Bayo: The TOXIC MATTER MODULATOR, I told the police everything that happened that night and I was cleared. Am I now a suspect?

Man on left: let’s get to the office first.

Bayo: let me get my car keys

Man on right: I don’t think you will need that also. You see, your summon is from our headquarters, Abuja

Bayo; Abuja!?!

Man on right: Yes Abuja!


Scene shows a lady speaking with a man

Mr. Chris: Congratulations Aisha, you have been redeployed as requested

Aisha: Great!!! When do I resume Mr. Chris?

Mr Chris: here is the letter, next week Wednesday

Aisha: At last I get to see some action, it is extremely boring sitting here and reading the news

Mr. Chris: But you realize being a freelance journalist means half of your salary is based on commission

Aisha: Yes! But I am not just cutout for sitting still and reading the news, when I could be where the news breaks.




A man is shown walking into a room with a file in hand;

(Camera Pans from the Back of the Man but shows a glimpse of Bayo sitting in the room.

Man With File: Good day Mr. Wilson, sorry for keeping you waiting for this long. Not to waste your time any longer, I will get straight to business

Man With File: On the night of the explosion, between 7pm and 9pm, where were you?

Bayo: I was in the lab working on some chemicals


Man With File: Yes! From our reports of what you told the police, it was a radioactive experiment?

Man With File:Don’t you think this could have caused the explosion?

Bayo: The types of chemicals I work on are stable and also my experiment was completed and the samples stored in gas canisters.

Bayo: I told the police all this, check the report

Man With File: Mr. Wilson! This is not a police affair.

Man With File: What time did u hear the explosion?

Bayo: I heard a loud explosion around 9pm, within minutes the room was filled with gas; I passed out and woke up in a hospital bed.

Man With File: Did you notice any strange faces in the lab area?

Bayo: Apart from the janitor, No!

Bayo: Can I go now?

Man With File: Yes you can Mr. Wilson, but know this, the government lost $10billion dollars worth of equipment including a 3 year Top Secret research on radioactive elements in the explosion.

Man With File: And we have been charged to get the people responsible. As we speak, you are the only suspect.

Bayo: Well I have told you all I know, can I go now.

Man With File: Wait in the corridor, someone will be with you in a moment.


Camera shows bayo opening the door and Man With File simultaneously picking up a Phone

Man with File speaking on phone: I don’t trust him sir, he seems to be hiding something

Voice on the Phone: Setup a unit to monitor his movement and report to me!


Bank Robbery Scene

Scene 1 Robbery Taking place in a bank

(Bank lobby with men with machine guns; people lying on the floor)

Scene 2 Camera shows: Men in black head mask pointing a gun at the bank manager

Robber: Put the money in the bags now!!!!

 Scene 3 Camera pans to banking hall:

Robber 2: Place all mobile phones, jewelries and valuables into a bag

Camera pans to teller, pressing a button. Alarm goes off.

 Scene 4

A Danfo Bus is packed outside the Bank; Camera Pan shows men with bags in black suits running out of bank.

Driver: Let’s go! The police are coming

 Scene 5

Camera View: Shoot out outside the bank premises. Police and robbers/ Robbers having upper hand with sophisticated weapons.

Robber: Eyin boys open fire, driver move the bus, Go! Go!! Go!!!

Robber 2: who is that?

Scene 6 (freestyle)

A man is shown walking towards the bus. He fights and takes out the thieves (4 of them) and grabs the loot

Scene 7

Policemen: Stop there and drop the bags

Jazzillie: HaHaHa, trust the Nigerian Police to always step in when the show is over

Scene 8

Man grabs loot and disappears

Jazzilie: easy comes, easy goes

Scene 8

Police are shown staring in surprise as Jazzilie disappears




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  1. Nice one. A comic book!

    Hope it’s not about super-powered individuals sha…that’s like…so done.

    Good going. Either way, it’s progress.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Thanks Seun! Really appreciate the compliment. Although it pains me to disappoint u.,,,,, (wait for it)…..but…..YES! its about Super Powered Individuals, but in a Naija Setting. Who says we don’t need super heroes in Naija, with a government like our’s and the chaos in the country, having “a superman” might not be a bad idea, at least before Jesus comes!

  2. Lovely one…only wish I could see the drawings…D drawings are the soul of comics…Well done…$ß.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Merci Bubbllinna,
      I agree with you totally, got an artist who is working on the drawings. As i cant draw to save my neck, when i see my words brought to life by an artist, its MAGICAL!!!

      I promise you part 2 will have drawings (if NS Admin permits!)

      Thanks Again

    2. Hello Bubbllina,
      As promised the drawings are up!

  3. I was really looking forward to the comic, this is more like a screen play as it is and is not the best impression of your work. Looking forward to more.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Hello Myne,
      My next post will have drawings!!!

      I promise. I was just a bit hesitant with regards space (DATA)

    2. Hi Myne,

      The drawings are up on NS

  4. Hmmn. Really good one here.

    1. Inspired Illustrationz (@bwyze)

      Tx kaycee!

  5. Very nice, interesting.

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