What happens to a dream denied?


Does it blow up

Like the church in Bauchi?

Or crash on buildings

Like the plane in Lagos?


Does it become dull like the minister’s report?


Or shout and dance around

Like a deceived citizen?


Maybe it just cowers in shame

Like a raped teen


Or does it ever explode?


A Nigerian adaptation-remix of Langston Hughes’s Harlem.

13 thoughts on “Ishaga” by layrite (@layrite)

  1. simple and conveys the message.”Like a raped teen”… It is difficult to recuperate after such experience especially at that level. I like the comparison. Indeed can we ever recover??? Just asking

    1. Thank you @sambrightomo. I think we can recover. Like a raped teen, we should not allow these incidents to rule us forever. We should rise above them. But it takes courage, which we lack presently. Or so I think.

  2. shai (@shaifamily)

    Ok, maybe we should just make d compilation already….

  3. Nice work. The beauty of the poem lies in the comparisons. What does Ishaga mean?

    1. Iju Ishaga is the ghetto-town where the Dana plane crashed.

  4. Saw the Langston Hughes reference(s).

    Nice of you to mention that.

    Good job.

    1. anonymous12 (@anonymous)

      Thanks, @chemokpi

      1. Thank you @chemokopi and @anonymous12.

  5. Lovely. The comparisons ain’t only true but added humor.
    Lovely poem.

    1. anonymous12 (@anonymous)

      It is nice to hear that that @chimzorom

      1. @chimzorom, thank you for that.

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