Everything good will come

Everything good will come

We toil
We bruise
We sweat
And bid our time with profit
Everything good will come.

We are romantics
And like it that way
Eyes set on the rising sun
We give no mind to the darkness that abounds
Everything good will come.

Hey, Peter
Your way bears emulation
The grass seems greener on Paul’s lawn
But you mind steadily your own plot
Satisfied that in due course
Everything good will come.

It seems that we oughtn’t
But we play
And we love
We laugh
And we give
Faith is currency in this mode
Everything good will come.

Simpletons we are not
But simple still we are
We live today to the full
And give thanks for simple blessings
Why bother beyond this?
Everything good will come.


[Inspired by the title of the book, Everything Good Will Come, by Sefi Atta]

7 thoughts on “Everything good will come” by Obisike (@obiaguomba)

  1. Patience. Focus. Determination.

    Everything good will come.


  2. Okay so I love Sefi Atta’s ‘Everything good will come’, had always intended to write something from it.

    I love the simplicity of this poem.

  3. This is cool, never read d book but the message is clear.

  4. good things come to those who wait-nice work bro

  5. Very nice.
    May the good things come.

  6. Interesting.

  7. Inspiring.I love the the words flow. A good piece.

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