In a corridor full of people, I stand

Unpaired and unmatched with all mankind

My heart agape and shedding tears

There’s surely no comfort for me here


I see their faces, I see their smiles

All hiding pain behind their eyes

I feel my pain, I see it too

But I just want to be with you


Whoever you are, way out there

My bleeding heart can barely bear

All this turmoil and all this strife

All that I lead in this lonely life


In etched out shadows from darkness’ cave

I cower in pain, I’m barely brave

Enough to stand on my own two feet

And stare in the face of my defeat


Defeat from how I feel inside

Defeat from whom I surely hide

But how can I hide from myself

When mind and body and soul, I’m dealt


Tears do fall from my beady eyes

They burn my skin as they tough my thigh

How can a grown mam be so untamed

By emotions’ whip, I must abstain


I need some peace, I need you

To love me deep and love me true

For my heart feels like a thousand men

Marching into the depths of a lions’ den

For all are bold and trained to fight

But who does not feat a lion’s might?


It beats so fast, it beats me up

Till it fills my overflowing cup

Lying down, talking to my phone

I just don’t want to be alone

8 thoughts on “Alone” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. Mam; man. A minor error.

    Let your heart not bleed, you hear?

  2. “heart like a thousand men marching into a lions den…” I love this description ’cause I’ve felt this way sometime.
    Very nice a moody.

  3. awww… great imagery…well done

  4. Waoh! You have got such nice poetry. I enjoy the emotions so beautifully captured.

  5. Ahhhh, This is so warm and strong and honest and sweet! Thank You for this :-)

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