Dear you,

I cant believe its been 365 already!

Yup another 365 and we’re still here!

I just want to thank you, for always being here, for never giving up and for you inner strength. You probably hear this from people all the time, but I just want to let you know that I admire you and I would love to be you and better. I believe I could be better only because of the remarkable example you’ve lain out for me.

My goodness, it hasnt been easy. I’ve watched you go through some really hard times, some really sad times, where you just laid on your bed and ate tears. Yea, those were some dark days, they say everyone has them, but you know I think thats what makes me love you even more. Even though you get knocked down a thousand times, you still get back up, puches swinging, back into the fight.

I guess you’re the evidence of the statement “What doesnt kill you makes you stronger”

Really, I’ve heard so many people tell you what you couldnt achieve, what you couldnt do and I love the stubborn fire it sets ablaze in your belly to prove them wrong and prove them wrong you did!

Words truly cannot describe who you are to me, and how much you have and continue to change my life.

I wish you a happy birthday and many more years of greatness!

I ¬†know you will be great and do wonderful exploits and I can say that with all confidence ‘cus I know you as much as I know myself!

Happy Birthday @Mobola!

I love you!

23 thoughts on “365” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. Ahhhh…..

    Okay. In that case; happy birthday.

    Just to be clear though… @admin; exactly why is this here?

  2. Awww.
    Am gonna steal this and just change the mobola name jare.
    My Lady’s birthday is today.

    1. please go ahead lol

    2. lol, I dont ,mind! I hope she liked it!

  3. Hmmm…
    @Kaycee, your lady? Which of them?

    Mobola Happy birthday.

    1. U wanna put me in trouble abi?
      You won’t succeed.

  4. Wow! beautiful, beautiful!! This will make any celebrant’s day. Nice one @mobola. And Happy Birthday to whomever it is.

    1. thanks, it was for me, on my birthday! quite impromptu, wrote it on the spot! lol

  5. what doesnt kill you makes you stronger…hehehehe…All for Mobola…

    1. lol, ! its true though, if it doesnt kill you, it toughens you up! :)

  6. Happy Birthday @Mobola!!!

  7. Oh well! Happy belated birthday.

  8. Nothing beats talking to oneself from a second person perspective!!!

    1. You know! I dont usually do, I think i only have two poems about myself from my point of view! and this one is cute cus it was my birthday

  9. Happy birthday to you @mobola. You really love yourself, keep on.

    1. if i dont love me, who will? lol, thanks!

  10. well good wishes and happi birthday to Mobola-

    1. thanks! it ended up being happy!

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