Woman Without A  Face

Woman Without A Face

I saw a woman,

who lost her face,

to ravages of cancer,

her eyes met,

the bridge of her nose,


I saw a woman,

living with pain,

she inspired strength

with sadness,

my problems vanished,


I saw a woman,

who closed her heart

to pity,

lived with her fate,

she smelt of decay,


I saw a woman,

who clung to life

as she walked on Earth,

many end their life.



19 thoughts on “Woman Without A Face” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. Okay..that is the message in the poem..To hold on to life and live happily despite what ills it throws..

    However in the last stanza, You switched tenses and skipped a word.
    “I saw a woman,

    who cling(clung) to life

    as she walked on Earth,

    (while)many end (ended) their life…

    Well done khadijah….$ß

  2. Quitting has ceased to be an option, what more could possible be worse than the present fate?
    Unquestionable resilience!

  3. The poem didn’t play fair… sentiments (cancer) aside, it isn’t a good poem. My Opinion.

  4. khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

    @bublinna thanks I will try and edit it.@jamesndu Why ,anyway the poem is real I saw the woman and cancer had eaten up her face for real.It had nothing to do with sentiments .

    1. Maybe if you gave it a ‘narrative-poetry’ format, just maybe… i could be wrong sha, but think about it. Cheers.

  5. Amor (@iykewifey)

    It could have been better
    if retructure properly considering how painful and devastating terminal illness can be! my opinion!

    good one~

  6. Its too bare,atleast to me.the poem has got potential if u work @ it.

  7. It is actually an awesome poem, with a powerful message.
    Just edit without adding or subtracting.

  8. Hastily done,sad theme.

  9. Good theme but shallow presentation. This style of narration would have been more acceptable if the poem were longer. A poet must not allow the present emotion suffer the maturity and style of the poem being written. After all your reader was not inspired by the source of the emotion; as such your poem must be crafted in a way that elicits from the reader, a depth of emotion that mirrors that which you felt before writing the poem.

    My twenty kobos.

  10. This is simple and beautiful!

    You succeeded in capturing the essence of LIFE.

    Life throws us many curved balls, but it takes courage to live life to the full despite hindrances and encumbrances. Just like is says…what shall separate us from the love of God? Tribulation, temptation, ill-health, adversity etc.

    Other than typos, this is a beautifully crafted piece. Kudos.

  11. The poem is ok for me. I was drawn into the travails of a woman fighting cancer. I like.

  12. While I understand the reason behind the poem, I am also of the opinion that it lacks depth.

    You confuse the point of the poem when you compare her to yourself, and say your problems disappeared or say “she inspired strength with sadness”. Do you mean inspired strength in you? Is she the sad one, or yourself?

    There is in fact a line that is outrightly disrespectful of someone suffering cancer, like the smell of decay?

    Also, the phrase “closed her heart”, has a negative connotation and is more often used to show stubbornness or hatred. You can say instead, … she refused pity…


  14. Over here, I have seen disabled people who live normal lives… For 9ja, na business be dat.
    Good poem.

  15. I feel her plight.

  16. Eeya! Life could be cruel. I dont know why God created cancer, it is some serious shit.

  17. to me message is unclear but i believe with a little polish it could shine.

  18. interesting

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