White Nightmares

White Nightmares

                                                                               FADE IN:

                                                                               EXT. NOWHERE – ????

…deep vacuum silence…

a tight close up of a pair of closed eyes. then the eyes
twitch under their lids once….then a second time..

the movement becomes frantic. they flick open, wide, scared
and confused.

close up cuts to the full view of a MAN’s face, tiny bubbles
drifts upwards from the nostrils. the face whips sideways.

the mouth opens, the jugular vein strains out hard on his
neck and a muffled noise taints the silence as he tries to

a very big bubble drift upwards. both his hands reaches fast
for his throat.

we see the full view of a fully clothed MAN lying face
upwards. he is suspended in murky water.

the whole body begins to twitch hard, very hard. muscles
straining out on his pale face as the bubbles increase, his
hand reaches out…

….the faint dull sound of a buzzer going off grows loud-

                                                                                   INT. BEDROOM – DAWN

-the MAN lies face up on the bed gasping, short screams
escaping at intervals. a hand on his throat and the other
grasping up into thin air.

an alarm on the head of the bed blares out a loud scratchy
sound continuously, the dull red display light flickering.


he jerks up into a sitting position and a scream is cut
short mid-way. he is panting, chest heaving heavily.

he buries his face in his palms, his hands are shaking. his
eyes darts around through a slit in his fingers.

…please help me-..please-..help
me please….

the alarm keeps buzzing.

                                                                                 INT. TOILET – DAWN

the light flicks on.

the reflection of his startled puffy face appears in a
mirror hanging on the white-washed tiled walls. disheveled
features, eyes deeply bloodshot and scared.

he opens the tap fully, water gushes into the sink. he
gropes for the handle of a white cabinet just below the

his hands travels clumsily across an array of pills and
capsules in little colorful bottles occupies both lower and
upper sections of the cabinet.

the tap keeps running.

leaving the door of the cabinet open, he straightens up with
a small disposable cup and a bottle of blue pills.

he shakes two out into an open palm, hesitates, then shakes
out two more. he sticks the cup under the running tap.

after a brief stare at his reflection, he pours the pills
into his mouth with a flick of the head and follows it up
with a large gulp of water.

he swallows hard, grimacing a little.

he drops the cup and sticks both palms under the tap. he
splashes the water on his face.

water dripping on his bare chest, he stares at his

(mumbles)…everything is going
to be

his cupped palms returns to the running faucet as he bends
back to the sink.

                                                                                  EXT. HIGHWAY – DAY

horns hooting, cars on each other’s tails. the traffic is a
little dense. it’s a ‘go-slow’. hawkers parade and harass
cars with their different commodities.

a rickety truck revs hard, several feet away from a traffic
light, covering the unlucky cars at its rear in a blanket of
thick grey smoke.

                                                                                 INT. CAR. HIGHWAY – DAY

the MAN coughs and he quickly cranks up the slight crack in
the window, but not before a little smoke seeped in. he
waves at it.

he wipes at his face with his sleeve, then he increases the
AC. a horn blasts, he looks up to see some space in front of
him, his car inches forward.

his phone rings…he fumbles nervously for the inner pocket
of his suit.

his voice quavers.

morning doctor….i’m glad you
could call me back…..it wasn’t a
pleasant night…this episode was
worse……i don’t think the drugs
are working…i may-

…calm down…you see, since your
symptoms have not being well
diagnosed, we have to be very
patient…there’s bound to be

..i don’t think so, doc-

a old beggar knocks on his window. he shoos her off.

-i barely get up to an hour of
sleep at nights now…..i’m scared
of closing my eyes…

…ok. uhm, i think you should come
in sometime today after
work….i’ll write you another

the grinning toothless face of the old beggar suddenly
appears at the rear mirror.

ok…the- heyy!!

the traffic snakes forward and he hurriedly swerves the car

into an avenue by his right, raising dust.

                                                                                  INT. CAR. AVENUE – DAY

are you….. ok?…hello?

the MAN looks frantically at his rear mirror, then he turns
around frantically in his seat. it is empty.

…i don’t know…i-i-i thought i

he shakes his head.

..never mind. i’m fine.

….are you-…aving any side
effects… like…@#$@@#$%^%$^&^?

…hello…?..doctor?-what?! i
didn’t get you there, doctor…

there’s static on the phone. he tries switching the phone to
the second ear.

the phone drops on the floor of his seat in a clatter.


a hand gripping the steering wheel, he strains his other
hand to the car floor. the doctor’s voice drifts out
incoherently from the phone.

the hand blindly searches for the phone, while he tries to
keep his gaze on the road. after his hand misses it twice,
he drops his gaze to the car floor.


he finally grabs the phone and straightens up.


his face turns to his side window. the nose of a yellow
truck slams at full throttle against his door.

his body flings from his seat against the other door like a
doll, shards of broken glass and debris flying all over the


face, all bloodied, he continues screaming-

                                                                                  INT. BEDROOM – DAWN


-the MAN is screaming hard in his bed, all entangled in the
sheets. his eyes are opened wide, unfocused.

the alarm is buzzing, the dull red display light flickering.
it’s 5.35am.

he sits up, shivering. he grips his head hard, his fingers
entangling around his skull. his scream dwindles into

the alarm’s buzzing grows louder.

he suddenly turns and knocks the alarm over. he buries his
head back in his hands, sobbing.

…help me…not again…please

                                                                                  INT. TOILET – DAWN

his back to the door, he’s on his knees in front of the
cabinet, mumbling incoherently.

the cabinet is opened, bottles are spilling to the floor as
he excitedly gropes around.

..you are going to be fine…it
will go away….everything will be-

his eyes widen as he finally locates the bottle
amidst the ones on the floor.

Now he stands in front of the mirror and stares at his
reflection. then he opens and tilts the bottle into his
trembling palm, a blue pill rolls out.

he shakes the bottle harder, then peeps into it.

he takes a deep breath and opens the tap. as he cups his
other palm under the water, the pill slips in between his
fingers into the drain.

a groan escapes, as his fingers scrambles for the drain.

No!…no no no no no no no….

he stares at the drain, looking aghast for a while. then the
trembling stops, his spine goes rigid as he returns his gaze
to his reflection.

…-thing will be alright…it will
be fine…

he grips the bottle tightly as anguish crosses his
countenance, then he gently let it drop to the floor.

You will be fine!

he bends to the tap and splashes some water on his face. he
straightens up and smacks both wet cheeks with his palms.

he bends to the faucet again. this time his reflection
remains standing.

the lips on the reflection widens creepily into an evil
grin, the dead black eyes peers at its owner, who is still
bent into the sink.

the MAN straightens up and sees his grinning reflection
reaching out for him.

cut to black.


then we hear the sound of glass breaking, then almost
immediately, a blood curdling scream rips out into the

then we hear the dull buzzing of the alarm.


12 thoughts on “White Nightmares” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Cool story. Why the use of ‘i’ instead of ‘I’? Not a fan of screenplays though…

    1. Me too…but I think this one’s nice.

      Watch for the ‘i’.

      Good job.

    2. caps??????…u Nsers never stop to amaze me……

      point noted though.

  2. Nightmares…..Cool one…
    Faucet and tap are the same thing, why not stick to one word?

    1. lol….nice point.

  3. thanks to y’all who took time to read it……buh i need a screenwriter on this one……..screenplays are a lot more than grammar and tenses.

  4. Wow.
    I loved this.
    Well done.

  5. @eimehy he killed himself right? One nigtmare too many…he is actually crazy in d head…but what brought dt on?
    U just put us in d middle n left us nowhere….unless u r going to continue dis later.

  6. Couldn’t get u. What was the cause of this guy’s nightmare? Am suspecting he’s an addict or something.
    He had an accident right? Was it a dream cos twasn’t specified.
    Good descrition, watch ur use of caps, its the basics in any form of writing.
    I would like to c this continue. It reads more like a series.
    Nice one bro, heavy message too.

  7. under doctor phone i saw “being” used to describe an action i tot it should be “been” well thought out it can only get better

  8. I enjoyed this thoroughly; saw it playing out in front of me. Very cool description…
    [I choose to ignore the errors most of which r noted already]
    Good job @eimehy

  9. … beautifully written…

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