Voodoo Child

Voodoo Child

I tread my path
invoking the spirits,
Loudly I chant
and call on beings divine.

I converse with the clouds
through smoky veils,
and scrawl on the ground
Writings of the ancients.

I sail with the wind
united as one,
And aloud we sing
songs secret to all.

I be of the gods
a true born of the soil,
I can dare all odds
for I unite with the spirits.

To my destinations I go
either rocky or stormy,
For in my heart I know
my steps are of a conqueror!

19 thoughts on “Voodoo Child” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Okay, gotta admit, I came here ‘cos I thought this was related to the Jimi Hendrix song of the same name.

    But I read the poem. Evocative. You have a good way with words :)

  2. This is good. I wanted it to be longer.

  3. The way you have ended the poem very quickly suggests you were going to say something which you’ve only suddenly decided against. It’s still nice.

  4. Nice, nice…love the rhyming scheme….

    1. likeWole Soyinka’s ‘Abiku’ poem

  5. RIO (@riowrites)

    Voodoo child, earth child.. Very nice.

  6. Alas…we all should be .

  7. Powerful words that make for powerful imagery.

  8. hmmmm. Wonderful. Oshheeeeeeeee!!!!

  9. Did not really argu well with me. Twas nt bad chaa. U don try VOODOO. The MC was too uncertain, and ur use of imagery was kinda awkward.
    Needs editing to the core.

    1. Huh???? There’s nothing wrong with the imagery and it is well edited except for the use of small letters in the beginning of each line…

  10. Nice lines. Good use of WORDS. U can get better.

  11. Very good…

  12. Cool poem. I like it.

  13. A poem beautifully written…well done.

  14. Too short!bt good.

  15. Beautifully written.I like this,but you stopped abruptly,killing the buzz.

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