Voice of Defiance

Extreme perplexity

Left me looking on the verge of stupidity

My faith I my country is questioned daily

And I can no longer speak with the

Strong sense of patriotism I grew up believing

When we used to sing arise o’ compatriots’

Who are they?

Where are they?

The warriors that fought for the

Survival of their land of birth

The people who defied all odds

To protect their national wealth

Forgotten in the new scheme of things

As we embark on this perturbing downward spin

On the dawn that wasn’t new

Corruption got marry to ineptitude

And together they produced hopelessness

Hopelessness walks on two feet

On the street of despair

Causing quite a stir

In the polity

There’s nothing new in my philosophy

I’m just a voice warning folks

About the impending catastrophe

An embodiment of everything wrong with my society

My voice means nothing

To the band of thieves and rouges

Robbing us blind and still we chose..

To remain helpless

Helpless as they stroke and smooth us

into unmanly placidity

feeding us with false and faltering ideologies

Obliteration of hope from our very existence

they achieved with ease and perfect convenience

taught to learn nothing

we live to earn our working

as against working to earn a living

another twist in the webs of lies

that kept our generation spinning

Down the slippery steps of disenchanted life.

The heaves and sighs of a people

Lost in the smoke and rubbles

Left in the wake of a dying heritage

Darkening sun at noon in a eclipse

Of generational sabotage

Unrepentant perfidy

Arrogant temerity

And a repulsive modernity

They bestow upon us plagiarized policies

Leaving us with futile and worthless legacies

So once again my hands are shaking

And my heart is breaking

From all the things I hear them saying

Vision twenty twenty twenty

The latest in their range of pronounced obscenities

Sounds like another brainless non-sequitur

Soon to be forgotten like those before

But speak we must

Else they’d think they were right all along

11 thoughts on “Voice of Defiance” by ilerioluwa (@ilerioluwa)

  1. Speak we must o…Thank God U’ve joined your voices to all those b4 U..Well done..$ß

  2. Indeed speak we must!

    A people supposedly ruled on democracy and yet the silence is too loud.

    Your patriotism is still very much alive @Ilerioluwa, nicely done.

  3. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    I believe it shd read ‘an eclipse’ not ‘a eclipse’.More than tht,u av succeeded in commenting on the socio-political realities of our dear country.This is what a poet engages in-according to Sedar Senghor literature shd b functional,collective nd committed.

  4. Indeed, we will, and must keep speaking.

  5. Can talk be enough?

    1. We must take action, but action begins sometimes with a conversation like this one. Don’t you think so too?

  6. Fight we must!

  7. Amor (@iykewifey)

    I join ooooo speaking out is starting point.


  8. “But speak we must

    Else they’d think they were right all along”. They might even think we are dull and unable to understand what we want. I’d like to add that we must also take action.

  9. Very powerful.
    Resonating all the way

    My faith I(in) my country is questioned daily
    Corruption got marry(married) to ineptitude
    and smooth(smother) us

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