The Naked Nun

The Naked Nun

A beautiful soul wrapped in innocence
Lit up the whole place with her presence
A glow at every sentence
A treasure unaware of its existence
Face filled with honest exuberance
Ignorant of her ignorance
A new born baby
Steadily on her way to becoming a lady
Her smile drives me crazy
Drifting through a dreamy path that’s hazy
I encountered a dimple
Sophisticated but yet simple
Curves at a smooth angle
Hair messed up in a sexy tangle
If she’s the stakes, I’ll gamble
The luscious black lips soft to nibble
Drop south a bit and you’re at a dark nipple
Okay, let’s back up a notch, people
Her back straightens up when restless
She radiates a cute shyness
My plans for her are endless
Call me careless, I couldn’t care less
For me, I choose the best
The best, not a pest
Ma arms as a nest
Ma chest, a palace of rest
Guarding ma heart like a bulletproof vest
Someone I know a bit about
Told her I judge by the words of mouth
Found her guilty with no trace of doubt
Nothing this good comes easy
Some other guy has gotten busy
Could live with the fondle and the cuddle
Hope they’ve not crossed the bed hurdle
Don’t wanna step in a shitty puddle
Who knows, she might be worth the smell
Time does….I’ll wait till it tells.



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