The Jellyfish

There was a big vast sea

With very many fishes

All of different kinds

And a little Jellyfish


Yes, a little Jellyfish

And a very smart one too

All the young wished they had been

Like the little Jellyfish


In the dark his light would shine

His very lovely colors

Illuminating the sea

The envy of  his peers


Little Jellyfish was bold

And spoke quite bravely too

Of all things he longed do

When he moved up north


Of all the places he would go

All the friends that he would make

All the great feats he’d achieve

All the prizes he would win


All the creatures he would meet

All the ladies he would court

All the babies he would make

All the praises he would get


All his peers admired him

The Octopus, the Crayfish

Little tilapia and shark

Wished to be as bold as he


Then the skies gave a moan

And the weather quickly changed

And the trees and grasses swayed

There would surely come a storm


It all suddenly got dark

It was day, yet it was night

All the birds and beasts of land

Flew and fled to safety zones


Yes! Indeed, it really moved

It did move- this big vast sea

All the fishes, safety sought

And Little Jellyfish too


The octopus swam away

The crayfish and tilapia

All them fishes swam back home

But the little Jellyfish


Help me, Help me, Help! He screamed

But this race was one for one

So the little jellyfish

Was helpless in this great storm


All those plans he’d prior had

Of the things he hoped to do

All were carried in the tide

Way ahead; he far behind


What great current swept him off!

Yet he had no resistance

Every other fish could swim

But the little jellyfish


He went south where current moved

But t’was north he’d hoped he would

Yet he was resigned to fate

Could not go against the wind


Last season, he remembered

That great storm had swept him off

Now he’s grown, his plans grown too

Now he’s Big Bold Jellyfish


He still speaks as well as then

His beauty much greater now

Cunning with a poisonous sting

All his peers admire him


Yet the signs of storm are here

Just like they’d been months ago

Everyone else swims away

But the big bold jellyfish


It is sad; yes very sad

That his life was so designed

All the plans he ever had

Always went the other way


How he wished he’d been like they

Who could swim against the sea

How he longed to get the strength

To withstand the sea’s currents


That’s his fate as he is made

Yet some man with will to choose

Lives like Big Bold Jellyfish

Tossed by winds and tides of life.


*NB: the Jelly fish cannot swim against current.

22 thoughts on “The Jellyfish” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. Really liked this one.

    1. Thanks, Kayc. Glad you did…

  2. Hmmm…

    First, I admire the fact that there’s a research behind this poem…on the nature of the jellyfish
    Secondly, I admire the fact that there’s a big lesson to be learnt from this – your last verse reiterates that!

    Even without your footnote, I got the message that the Jellyfish could never swim – it was clear enough.

    A splendid didactic poem… I like it!

    1. Thanks @afronuts. I’m glad.

  3. Poor Jellyfish. beautiful story, well told

    1. Thanks Sally. Poor Jellyfish indeed.

  4. I think that a lot of people are like that jellyfish.

    Reminds me of an embryonic story that I might write in the future.

    Good poem, @Chimzorom.

    1. Well said, @TolaO. So many live likewise. Thanks.

  5. stark reality of life brilliantly portrayed…nice

    1. Thank you, aturmercy. It’s indeed the reality of life.

  6. Been a while chim,..missed you around here…

    I like the message in the poem, like what it potrays…Nice one..

    Welldone n Welcome…$ß.

    1. Thanks Bubbles. I missed being around too. Thanks.

  7. Yeah Bubb is right, been wondering about you gal.

    Now to fishy…aint it sad how so many are just like fishy? we procrastinate and so so so…
    Life may not offer us much,but take the little chance and run with it…as in lemonades and lemons.

    As for fishy, might as well stay and face it head on,be comfortable in the skin and see what happens….just like that!

    1. Thanks Dotta. As usual, your comment carries weight.

  8. well put, nice poem!

  9. I liked the simplicity of this piece. Good work.

  10. Beautiful poem. Really beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Chemo.

  11. truly from a poet………..

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