The Doctor is not my Friend

The Doctor is not my Friend

Visit to hospital,

made me sad,

Doctor is not my friend,

He lies to me by omission,

gives me false hope.

Doctor is not my friend,

I’m a  specimen,

for his seminar.

Doctor is not my friend,

I’m a chapter

in his textbook.

Doctor is not my friend,

He  locked his heart,

from my pain.

Doctor is not my friend,

I know he needs

to be detached to survive daily.

Doctor is  not my friend,

I ‘m sad,

I bear my pain alone.

Doctor is not my friend,

He is a Robot.

18 thoughts on “The Doctor is not my Friend” by khadijahmuhammad (@khadijahmuhammad)

  1. yh. Right.
    Do u really REALLY believe all that?
    I’m unfazed. We get that a lot…usually from sick ppl, so we don’t mind.
    Police is ur friend. We’re not contesting.
    Nice poetry sha.

    1. Hmmm! Let’s see if this fellow prefers Police’s “friendship” to that of a doctor.

  2. Didn’t really enjoy this. No offence, but . . .

    1. You didn’t have to. The guy was just expressing his feelings about doctors. He probably thinks they do not engage their emotions in their service of patients.

  3. Nice try chaa.

  4. Amusing perception. A mix of comedy, some truth and imagination.

  5. I said somewhere that I prefer plain and simple poems but this is just too bland.

    1. You have no problem. I enjoy its simplicity and innocence.

  6. I enjoy this poem. And I think most patients feel the same way. They feel the doctor is too professional and doesn’t seem to care enough for their emotional needs. HE IS TOO COLD TO FEEL OR SYMPATHISE.

  7. Thanks for reading.@Uzuazo are you a doctor?.Thanks for reading my writing is a work in progress.I am struggling to improve.Right now perfection is elusive for me.One day if God wills I will become the writer I want to be.I wrote this poem based on my personal experience with about four different doctors.

  8. Yea…Doctor wahala

  9. Hehe…Doctor is not your friend..don’t go to the hospital…I get what you tried to tell.
    If doctors don’t learn to mask their feelings, detach themselves from your pain, i tell you, it would be crazy. I mean would you rather meet a doctor that is crying as he tells a patient that he has cancer? I wouldnt. It doesn’t mean they don’t care though, they are just good at wearing an indifferent mask. .It is short and straight to the point. $ß.

  10. Nice idea and topic for a poem but I don’t think you’ve explored it well.

    I like the way you wrote it with the repetitious title…but I know you can write it better and flesh it the more. As I read it I was looking for a moment but you didn’t put it there.

    Well done…good effort though

  11. Poetry is expression, it doesnt “really” matter how good or bad, just express yourself.

    Nice poem. Great expression. Though i expected some better reasons why the doctor isn’t your friend.

  12. @innoalifa I noticed you have been reading my posts one at a time. Thanks for showing the love and God bless you,have a great day.

    1. @khadijahmuhammad

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