Thank you for my eyes
And the power you gave them;
To drink from the streams of light
Gushing from the sun,
To taste of the trillion particles
That bounce off your creations
Leaving form in their wake.

I will thank you for my nose
The mountain with two caves at its foot,
That you empowered to sight
All odorous envoys
And transmit to the king above
Those with gifts and those with poison.

I am grateful for my tongue
That titan that never leaves its cave
You bestowed it a power to hear
The march of the edible warriors
That bring gustatory bounties
From the glorious battles
Of the White Army.

You gave me ears and I thank you.
As you sculptured their tunnels
You charged them to feel
The touch of the hitting waves
Streaming from great melodies
That will journey through my body
Sending tickling pleasure to my nerves
Like little presents from Santa Claus
Gliding through a chimney.

I will offer thanks
For my skin
This blanket that smells wafts of pleasure
That will come
When warm water strikes
On a harmattan morning
When a lost key is touched
On a very dark night
When lips fuse in a kiss
to gulp the sweet wine of love.

And now I must thank you for the King
The ocean to which these five streams
Offer the currents their waters bring,
Waiting in reverence for his majesty
To give them understanding.

Receive my thanks
In gratitude for the gifts of sense
That permit me to enjoy
a beautiful world.


30 thoughts on “Thanksgiving” by chemokopi (@chemokopi)


    1. @sambrightomo: Yes my brother, we thank him.

  2. Amen. Nice one…

    1. Thanks @lancaster…and Amen.

  3. Wow, the magnificence of the BEING!
    Aye!..for the excellence of his hand work in man, truly AWESOME!

    1. He truly is @dottaraphels…and Amen!

  4. Simple but very expressive.

    Thank you father.

    1. Thanks @babyada. We thank the Father together.

  5. Baba God…I just want to thank you for the gift of poetry…and for guys like Chemo…


    1. Baba God, may you bless @seun-odukoya. May his ink never cease to flow.

      Amen Father.

  6. Also remember to thank Him when things go wrong o

    1. We will thank him in good and bad times@kaycee…and say Amen.

  7. Nice one…We can’t thank him enough, can we?..

    1. Of a truth, we can’t thank him enough @sibbylwhyte…and we say Amen. Thanks.

  8. I love the way you kinda interchanged the functions of the organs- like ears that feel, skin that smells, tongue that hears…
    I thank God with you.

  9. Bless you @chimzorom! We indeed thank God together.

  10. Amen! :D
    “From the glorious battles,
    Of the White Army….”
    :). I find this highly refreshing.

  11. Thanks @lelouch…and Amen brother! (Or sister?)

  12. *smh*…definitely not sister.

    1. Haha…*definitely*. My apologies bro.

  13. Chai! Chemo u are a thrill. Powerful senses for our good on earth.
    Thanks for words my man…

    1. We thank God for the abilities @charles…and say Amen.

      Appreciate your words man!

  14. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Amen! i just love the line about the mountain with two caves. i have a little suggeastion tho, available on request. :-) Well done!

  15. You are too kind @sunshine…and yes, I do request!

    Amen sister!

    1. @nicholebassey

  16. appreciation to God for what we have and who we are this awesome and sober well done

    1. @mikeeffa: Thank you, thank you…and we say amen!

  17. Thank you BABA GOD for blessing @chemokopi…………..

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