Still Awake

I have no pen to write
No paper in my sight
Just how I feel about you
So diligently I’ll type
Before my nerve falls through
You’ve got me awake all night
With feelings I’ve tried to fight
My heart has skipped many beats
My head is spinning still
But my mind and heart don’t meet
You’ve not wooed me enough
Not shone among the rough
Haven’t been my knight prince
So why am I still awake
Though I went to bed since
My heart’s been beating so fast
But I know it just won’t last
Head’s refused to stop spinning
So I convince myself
That it’s for no good reason
And with each gasp for air
I resolve not to care
Firmly I tell myself
That I’m not in love with you
Love does not equal self
You chose to walk, remember?
Away from me. I wonder
The reason why you came back
Till your motives are spelt
Plain on paper, white and black
And you make your pursuits
Very clear so it suits
Me. You’ll never have my heart
With all zeal and all passion
Jealously, I’ll guard it fast
So the truth I need you to say
Will you love me, come what may?

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. (Prov4:23)

21 thoughts on “Still Awake” by Oyenwen Odia (@oyodia)

  1. Guard it, keep it under lock and key. When the right time does come, you wouldn’t know when it breaks through the barriers..’Love has its way of doing that.
    Well done…$ß

    1. That’s what I’m afraid of…lol! Thanks @sibbylwhyte

  2. I wish the answer could be yes, what what would you do to clear my mind of all the cobwebs of illusion?

    1. Well, what can I say?…

  3. LOVE….run away from it oh,lol….nice lines

    1. As fast as my legs can carry…lol! Thanks@gretel

  4. Would you love too, come what may?
    Its a two way thing.

    1. @kaycee, good question. So, about the poem…?

  5. sambright (@sambrightomo)


    1. @sambrightomo, hopefully @ the right time o! Kor.

  6. Love, love and love. Too much of it in the ‘wrong’ place.

    1. Ohk…thanks for stopping by.

  7. Gbam. Heavy words on my head.

  8. hmmm. Who’s d lucky guy? So powerful he keeps u awake!
    Hope he gets to read this one o.

    1. Em…I forget *scratches head* what were we talking about again? lol!
      @literati, thanks.

  9. Sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    I like it. wel done

    1. Thank you@nicholebassey

  10. That’s why it’s called “FALLING IN LOVE” you never quite know when it happens, wham! and you are there.
    True to the heart.

  11. … A simply great piece… lovingly great…

  12. @oyenwen odia

    i detect prolonged & repetition of same thought & expressions in many lines.
    A Poem is supposed to be compact & concise.

    However, really a nice poem!

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