Good day mister rain

You have cried on me again

Flooding me with your tears

I don’t know your fears


Your face all gloomy

As dark clouds hover over me

So blue and so true

When you cry, you are beautiful


During yesterday’s night

You kept out the light

Awake you didn’t sleep

But whistled out deep


My green door banged

As you blew and sang

Then let out your emotions

And poured with heavy passions


The earth must be glad

And care not if you are sad

Good trees will get strength

All will grow in length


What keeps you mourning

From last night till morning

While trees dance

As if to gives thanks


U made earth able to till

Yet the mountains stands still

Be glad of what you give

It is what makes us live


Oh! Good mister rain

I wish i could ease your pain

I wish i could wipe tears of your eyes

If i tell you i could, it is all lies



Cry away today

In this beautiful may

Freeing your spirit of pain

Oh! good mister rain


Good mister rain

Go, go away

Come, come again

On a good day

Maybe i will ease your pain

Maybe i will come to play.

17 thoughts on “Rain” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Nice one Chisom. I like the ending childhood memories….

    1. yes, i seem to be inspired by the rain, i think i more poems on rain.

  2. If I say this is nice, I would be lying.
    It reads like a primary pupil’s work.

    1. thanks for your criticism, it is much appriciated.

      1. Don’t listens to any criticism whatsoever @Chisom. The poem is nice. It brought back a lot of memories. I remember always dancing in the rain with my brothers. I miss that now because we are all grown up. I wish we could do it again.

        Keep writing, don’t get deterred no matter what whoever say. You’re a work-in-progress, you and I and the rest of us can always get better…

  3. Nice one Chisom…it reminds me of being a child… well done..Keep writing…You wrote the earthquake right?

    @kaycee, then you haven’t read Niyi Osundare’s collection of poems…They use stuff like this in Primary schools…

    1. thank you alot, i could make use of your encouragedment, i didn’t write this for primary schools i wrote it for everyone, mostly because i feel inspired by rain, maybe the last stanza makes kaycee feel like a child too. dont loose your inner child o!

  4. Rain rain go away jor! Mtschewww!

    Its nice.

    1. thank you, you are nice too

  5. I love this. It’s simple, beautiful and sweet.

    Oftentimes, we find ourselves in situations that make us sad but that which makes us sad will bring joy to another…

  6. only matured minds can read poetry and appreciate it even when it appears out of sorts to some other people. poetry does not need high sounding and jaw breaking words to make its mark- from my little knowledge of literature- poetry is best expressed in simple language which you have done keep it up.

    1. thank you for your much enlightened comment, some poets are not english teachers but inspired writers. how we interprete the quiet voice varies.

  7. Beautiful poem for all ages… I like that you wrote it in a way that from childhood to adulthood, one can always relate to it.
    Good theme too. Nice poem with longevity. Good job, @chisom

  8. I like it. Some typos though: ‘U’, ‘i’.
    U did good.

  9. Emotions,emotions,brewing like a tempest and still calm after the storm.

    This is awesome!

  10. Indeed..’Awesome’ is the word. One more thing, @Chisom, I salute your impeccable character(personality), judging from your mild reaction to @Kaycee‘s subjective criticism. You did not allow that deter your temper.

    Keep it up please, ….humility is a virtue.

  11. nice peom. enjoyed it.

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