No Life After You

No Life After You

“Mr Whyte, Mr Whyte….”

I stared blankly at the doctor…and dimly heard him calling my name. I could see his mouth moving, and he was  saying something to me. Nothing was getting through my foggy mind at that moment. It was as if my soul had shortly left my empty body standing there. Finally, the doctor’s words became audible. He seemed worried by my blank stare. “Mr Whyte, please have a seat”. He guided me down into a chair. “As I said,” he continued, “I would advise you start making burial arrangements. Prognosis wasn’t very good. Your wife has just a couple of weeks”

As I sat there and listened to these words, I was trying desperately to make sense of what the doctor was saying. He was clearly very worried I was going to lose it or something. He sat there patiently waiting for some kind of response from me. “What about the baby?” I asked. “What about our baby girl? While relief was written all over the doctor’s face that I finally talked, he also looked like he had more bad news. “I am very sorry, but she lost the baby when she fell down the stairs”. At this point, a solitary tear crept down my left cheek. I was too numb to do anything more, and my mind switched off. It went to the first day I met her. It was at a cinema. There was a particular movie people had been talking about and how sad and moving it was.

So there I was, at the cinema, watching the movie. True, it was a very sad movie, and I think my vision was getting misty a little, but was trying to make sure no one saw. That was when I heard someone sobbing to my right. I actually hadn’t even noticed the person sitting beside me. Now, just like so many guys, I never know what to do with a crying woman. It just makes us so uncomfortable. While I sat there, wondering if I should do or say something, she glanced up and our eyes met. I knew that day what the word “beauty” actually meant. She had big brown eyes, small nose and high cheekbones. Her hair was dark, shiny and overflowing.  “What are you looking at”? She snapped. “Never seen a crying woman before”? The venom in her voice took me aback. While I was stammering and trying to mutter some form of apology, she laughed, revealing a set of even white teeth, and with a twinkle in her eye, she said,” I was just messing with you”. At that very moment, I knew I had fallen in love.

After the movie, we talked, I got her name and her number, and that was it. Five years later, we were married. I remembered our wedding day. As I stood there and watched her walk down the aisle, I literally couldn’t breathe. She looked so beautiful and angelic she took all of my breath away. I was sure I was about to get married to God’s best creation on that day. I remembered we danced to “At Last” by Etta James. She insisted, and there was nothing on this Earth I could ever refuse her. I remembered how, a few months ago, she told me she was about to make me the happiest man on Earth. I instantly knew what she meant, and with tears of joy I went down on my knees and put my head to her stomach. Indeed, that day remains one of the happiest of my life. When we went for a sonogram, and I sat there holding her hand, we were told it’s a girl. She looked at me and said.” Baby, I’m so happy I will soon give you what you have always wanted”. At that moment, I couldn’t bring myself to say anything. I just thought to myself, You are the luckiest bastard on the face of the Earth.

Then I remembered this morning, when everything changed. I was downstairs, making breakfast. I insisted she was not going to be doing anything anymore. I called out to her that breakfast was ready, and as she started coming down the stairs, she collapsed. My mind snapped back to the present, and the doctor was speaking to me once again. “Would you like to see her?” I nodded, and followed him blindly into her room. I walked in and saw her lying there, connected to different machines, weak, almost entirely devoid of life and my numbness finally dissipated. I burst into tears and ran to her side. She took my hand, and smiled, and told me everything will be fine. She told me to be strong and be happy without her. I was silent all the while. When she was done talking, she looked into my eyes, I looked into hers, and she knew my mind was made up and there was nothing she could do to change it. She made space for me on her bed, and I crawled in next to her, and held her as she went back to sleep.

A few weeks later, there was a burial ceremony at a certain graveyard. There were two graves, side by side. The epitaphs were simple and plain. The first one read: “In memory of Mary Ann Whyte, loving wife and daughter. May 19, 1970 – January 3, 2000”. The second read: “ In memory of Joseph Whyte, loving husband and son. September 10,1965 – January 3, 2000.


28 thoughts on “No Life After You” by abky (@abky)

  1. Twas really touching.

    1. yes it was really touching- thats why we must make the best of life

  2. Enjoyed it, but twas kinda filled with some contradictory subplots.

  3. Aw w…another tear jerker. The symbolism of two graves made it even worse.
    You simply captured the helplessness and sorrow felt,when such a loss occurs.
    Nice one @abky.

  4. Sad.

    Terribly sad.

    I think you did quite well…capturing past present and future so well in a few lines.

    Good job.

  5. Yeah, @dotta. Twas kinda jerky.

  6. Awww…this was a grill of emotions. You wrote this well. The scenes were real.

  7. Even death couldn’t do them part!

    Lovely tragic story!

    Your last paragrapgh made us know that there was no way he was letting her go alone. Nice subtle twist.

  8. Oh…I almost forgot…the title is apt and eventually makes more sense and helps interprete what happened at the end.

  9. Really cool but sad…Writing the tale of their lives in a single story, you did really good.

    But the end brings me to a question. I believe in heaven and hell. I want to assume that this guy committed suicide which goes against the commandment. But this he did, out of Love and his loss of love. Love in itself is Pro-God right? Where then does this take him?.

    Well written story, Well done…$ß.

    1. Maybe he didn’t commit suicide, @Sibbylwhyte.

      It’s possible that his love for her was so strong that after she died, he simply lost the will to live.

      1. @tolaO…For a piece such as this, simply losing his will to live would be the best fit. I was only seeking an answer to something that has plagued me. Which is; Suicide in the name of Love is it worth it?

        1. Hard question, @Sibbylwhyte.

          One thing I will say is that I believe that it is better to live a short happy life rather than a long sad one, so I can see why some people would kill themselves if the one person they truly love has died.

          The question is whether it really is impossible to find happiness again if this kind of tragedy strikes. I believe it’s difficult, but not impossible.

  10. This is really nice, the transition was handled very well, and the sadness of the MC nicely conveyed. I really like the story and I think it’s your first post right?

  11. Yes…its my first post. And I appreciate all the comments

  12. Sad story. Sigh*

  13. A very sad story. Brilliant by all account. You did well, @abky. Welcome to NS.

  14. Good writing.

  15. @Abky, like most others who have read the story, I found it very touching and sad. The last paragraph is what really brought home the sadness of the story for me.

    I’m not sure about the POV switch in that paragraph without any warning, though. Maybe some asterisks would have helped.

    Oh – I also liked the scene where they met, where she went from crying to ‘anger’ to laughter.

    Well done.

  16. this is very grievous and sad i want to believe its fiction but if its not well i sympathise with the family- good writing though

  17. Very sad story but well captured. However, I think using the 3rd POV narrative would have suited the story better, considering the manner it ended.

  18. Really sad story, beautifully told. Well done.

  19. Sad sad sad.
    left a tear in my eye, life is so fragile

  20. This story reminds me of a song i love about a couple who started dating at 16 and died together at 85. the wife was sick and the doctor told the husband she won’t make the next morning. that night they found him lying by her side “walking her home” (name of the song).
    This is a masterpiece and it stirred deep emotion in me. i had to reread it to be sure the guy really died. Lovely and deep piece. i’m still sad. go joor

  21. Thank you. And I will definitely download the song.

  22. …and dimly heard him calling [call] my name.
    She could still live if you desired so.

    You create.

  23. quite real and pathetic……………

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