Mr C…..Mummy’s Friend?

By Osi Obomighie

“Good afternoon Mr C.

I know you are mummy’s friend

I want you to stop taking her to the hospital

Because mummy keeps telling me you take her there

Please can you take her somewhere else?

Like the amusement park or the games store

I like playing there so mummy should too

She comes home weak and tired every time you take her to the hospital

She doesn’t cook

She doesn’t help me with home work

She doesn’t drive me to school again

My big scary nanny does instead

She also told me your name

But I can’t spell it so I used Mr C.

Hope you don’t mind

I don’t even get to play with mum again

She screams and cries at night

She no longer has a smile on her face

I heard you are bad

Mummy’s friend Mrs Shade said on Wednesday

Please be kind to my mummy

My teacher always tell us to be kind and good to everyone

You have taken mummy to the hospital again

Please be good to her or leave her alone

I want her the way she was before

Thank you

With Love,
The whole auditorium was silent when Mrs Tolani, founder/director of ‘Cancer with Love Foundation’, read the letter her son wrote while battling cancer. We were all frozen in time. Transported to a realm never thought existed.
No one said a word. No pen moved. Not even the shutter of the paparazzi was heard. We were transfixed with awe, of how a boy of 8 years could write such a letter explicitly.
She read every line with a tear; mascara and foundation washing off her face like an oil painting. Her hands quivered uncontrollably.
Judging by the way she was held by her son’s nanny, she couldn’t support her own weight but she was determined to stand while reading.
The disease had eaten deep, taken every part of her.  All her hair was gone, her skin pale and her lips crumpled. This setback didn’t deter her from speaking. It didn’t take away her voice and also her will to survive at all cost.
“…..I had given up hope. Nothing was working because it kept spreading. I didn’t want David to see me weak and helpless. Suicide, I thought, was all I had to overcome this disease. A shortcut to my journey’s end; but I was wrong, thanks to the love and wisdom of an eight year old. Now I stand here, though supported but not weighed down, surpassing the number of years calculated by the doctors with a long margin, possible by the will to survive and the love of a son……’’
At this point Mrs Tolani brought the audience back to reality. She lifted our spirit so high that we were in cloud 9. Her clenched fist rose so high like she was ready to lead a revolution; a revolution against cancer surrender.  A deserving ovation for a speech well delivered she received from the audience. What a way to end the 10th Anniversary/ Conference of ‘Cancer with Love Foundation’.

28 thoughts on “Mr C…..Mummy’s Friend?” by osyrina2 (@osyrina2)

  1. Nice one…really nice…I woulda cried if dis was real and I was in d auditorium…Well done…$ß

  2. I loved the first part of the story but the second part is confusing – who was suffering from cancer the son or the mother ‘cos you wrote – “read the letter her son wrote while battling cancer.” It’s my opinion that your piece could have done well without the added explanation at the end.
    Great Job.

    1. Thanks for the correctons

    2. I disagree completely! there should be people managing comments especially those that don’t help!

  3. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    …beautiful tragedy,yet captures hope and spirit.Well done

  4. Nice! This is a good read.

  5. This is beautiful.

  6. This was quite touching. Cancer is no one’s friend.

  7. Intense. I felt it from here. Well done!

  8. Something tells me this is not the best way to put this across. Yes, you’ve been able to stir a few emotions -mine icluded- but still, I feel this coulda made me cry if the telling was much better. My opinion though.
    Nice one.

  9. This was a very touching read, @osyrina2.

    I loved everything up to the paragraph beginning with “The whole auditorium…”; I felt that every thing after that point was really superfluous, as I had already got the message fully by then.

    Well done.

  10. Nice work with an emotional touch, though i got confused trying to decipher from who’s point of view the story is been told. I can see the start to a wonderful tale. But there’s the need to pay closer attention to structure and transition. Well done

  11. This was good, i like the way you structured the write up.

  12. Written in simple language bt captivating, i must say that it holds the gaze

  13. This is so tearfull.

  14. very unique write up…welldone.

  15. This is good.
    The poem without that auditorium speech would have been flaccid.

    1. Thanks for all the corrections and comments. i really appreciate

  16. The love in that boy’s heart- so real.

  17. This was simple and good….Well done…

  18. this was very well done…anyone that says otherwise, kindly ignore! well done!

  19. Great work. Nice message.

  20. I almost thought it was a true story,
    i love the creativity you used in putting the story together…the first part was written simply and made you wonder who mr C was until it was revealed in the last one…

    a nicely written tear jerker.

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