To some it’s a bed of roses
to some the rosesĀ on the bed have thorns
to others,it’s a bed with no rose.
To some,it’s a mystery to some,
it’s a revelation, to others,
it’s all history.
To some it’s beautiful to others,
what could be more ugly
but to some,the beauty is not full.
To some it’s tragic
to some,it’s normal,
to others,it is romantic.
To some,it’s being the best
to others,it’s being just average,
yet,to some,it’s being the rest.
To some,it’s all about people
to some,it’s all about themselves
and to others,it’s all about people.

19 thoughts on “Life” by gretel (@gretel)

  1. Ummm…this thing get as e be abeg…Well You have written a poem, so Well done..

  2. It makes sense in an “what you get is what you see” sorta way.

    Some see half empty ,others half full. I like.

  3. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Life is a rhythm of some sought…Different strokes for different folks…

  4. Dats the spirit. Life is a game, lets play.

  5. Ur poem cook wella. Jst minor typos. U were kinda confused on usage of words. Nice lines chaa.

    1. thanks,I wasnt confused tho

  6. nice poetry, you carried me along.

    1. thanks mami :D

  7. Okay poem.

    1. okay comment

      1. lol @ okay comment

  8. That’s life. It’s so diverse.

  9. its ok but i feel it wud ve captured d subject mata if some repetitions were avoided. A nice all the same bt i wud advice u rework on it .

  10. We see life differently, same way we read this poem differently.
    This poem is neither here nor there…
    just like life

  11. different opinions to life…this is a poem that talks truth in many colors.

    @gretel dear…I know you can make this poem more powerful if you take a look at it and take your time. This is a strong subject you’re discussing and you have an idea of that.
    Its cool but I know it can be better.

    1. Thanks booski<glad to have you around,thanks.

    2. hey…..would you be of help please,lemme know

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