In My Patriotic Head…

In My Patriotic Head…

I sit in the State’s Congress

Painting portraits of progress

With colours from a hopeful bucket

In which no trouser owns a selfish pocket.


I observe no hour of silence

To bid farewell to every pestilence

That hung graves on our weary necks

Without control, without checks.


Alas, I find the solution

To this grey headed pollution…

We and our government

Must touch the hem of HIS garment.

12 thoughts on “In My Patriotic Head…” by Ogbole Agala (@ogbole)

  1. God gave us brains, so that we would let Him rest.

    We need to take responsibility, and effect change from the grassroots. The greatest mistake people make is thinking that change of this Magnitude will happen with one change in tenure. Lai Lai!

    Consistency in Integrity, from the least of us, to the greatest, from now, will go a long way in helping change things.

    Until then…

    1. @raymond true, God gave us brains to think…but its a fallacy that heaven helps those who help themselves. How can the blind lead the blind?
      How can we think about tomorrow when we can’t begin to see what this day brings?

      At the appropriate time, everything will fall into the right place at the right time. Their is a time, a purpose and season to everything under the sun.

      Remember…the watchman watches in vain except the Lord himself watches.

  2. Ur right oh. We have no solution but God. Thank u 4 dis reminder.

  3. Nice poetry ogbole. I like very much.

    And yes, you are right…both we and our government need the help of God to move forward.

  4. Yea indeed in ur patriotic head many things are really going on.

  5. A lot of people are wearing HIS garment…still, we are the way we are

  6. @ogbole; I find it amusingly nice how short and straight to the point this poem is- I love it.
    @aturmercy is very right in her response to Raymond and @kaycee, no one else wears HIS garment {besides, not all who claim they are godly actually are}

    1. thank u so much chim, u are absolutely correct.

  7. not all who call me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of my father – the change will come we must do our part. nice work bro

  8. Nice poem….the name of the poem got me….and I was wondering what could it be all about… I know….

  9. Nice poem with accurate meter and rhymes.
    Also the message concise yet clear!

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