I Thought you were a Sinner/ Gay Boy

I Thought you were a Sinner/ Gay Boy

I Thought you were a Sinner


Prostitute is a professional destitute

Astute in sin and a bank of all STDs

A trash can one can pour anything

A wild burning that devours fleshes

Like fresh fetid festering leprosy

A very wide path where too many

Too many a man plies and dies daily

But I thought she was a grave sinner

Though she was dead already, she

Shasa wept and told an unsweet tale

The world sees only what it wishes

Now I know you were not that sinful

Yet we would be served our choices

Some others would pay for the chances



Gay Boy

If you had played taekwondo

In a game device called Nintendo

You would never know the action

And better thrills of a Play Station


You are peacockishly gay, boy

And you gaily revel you buoy

In your first ever or late fixation

Of identity theft and disposition


Why are you thus aggressive?

As if the wares are so impressive

Scenery of cart before the horse

Or are these others not the worse?


But alas, unshackle the man in you

And set him free like morning’s dew

For if you cannot ransom your birth

Our earth is in the hands of death!

20 thoughts on “I Thought you were a Sinner/ Gay Boy” by ostar (@ostar)

  1. I don’t understand d relation btw your posts and tags o…

    But I liked the poems…Well done..$ß

    1. @Bubblinna it means you understood it. I call it disintegrare.
      I do not understand why links to humanity keeps disintegrating.
      We tend to heal with words, and the time is now.
      Thanks dear for support.

  2. We all gat to ransom our birth. Nice lines. @ostar. You’re the best. My oga.

    1. @Lactoo yes we do brother,
      each day I see canon balls fall
      and men fell, yet we do seem
      not to worry to ransom our birth.
      Are beasts of field not watching
      us in glee to soon die off that they
      may take up our earth.

      Are you sure there would be
      more men tomorrow as men
      fall for men, failing the tests of

  3. No b small tin.

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Ehmn…If poetry were a building man,you are an architect!

    1. @sambrightomo guy you bright o!
      I thank you so much for helping me grow.

  5. I like the messages you passed. Gradually, I’m beginning to understand your poems.

    1. @Eletrika you’re electrifying.
      You are a blessing to NS among
      these other blessed ones.


  6. I have found that it makes life so much easier if we can all be more loving and less judgmental.

    1. @Myne indeed, that’s the spirit of the work
      cf. the 11th & 12th lines of the first, “The world sees only what it wishes/ Now I know you were not that sinful” and the line 4 of the 3rd Stanza, “Or are these others not the worse?” Yet, we have to speak where necessary with discretion.

      Thanks for the wonders
      of your being.

  7. Ostar, wallahi you know this art. I like the poems, especially the first stanza of the second poem. Well done!

  8. @ablyguy hahaha thanks great mind.
    I can see your fingers, PS huh? lol

    God bless you more.

  9. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @ostar just keep writing and keep impacting the world.

    1. @Sambright you simply brighten things!

      @Kaycee what word would I not wobble with?
      For I am honoured. May your days be rough fellow
      Philo sophia!

      Ashebi? Lol
      Yet to see it and or should I not
      tag you?

  10. Double Respect!

    tagged with ashebi??

  11. This guy makes sense.

  12. @gretel thanks for the winds on my wings!

  13. Ostar ostar…. You know what I mean.

  14. @gooseberry yes, I know. Goose B called Ostar twice lol
    Where you’ve been GB?

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