Heaven’s  Plan

Heaven’s Plan

As I stood and watched
The soldiers passed by
Dragging him who’d brought
Joy to many lives

I didn’t understand
Why they hit him so
They pulled him through sand
Maybe they didn’t know

See this man had wrought
Wonders on the earth
No mere man, I thought
Could love to such depth

As they beat him up
I felt my heart break
Hoped they would soon stop
But they didn’t shake

Helpless I watched on
As his flesh was bled
And a crown of thorns
Was placed on his head

Crucify they shout
And I wondered why
He kept shut his mouth
Despite the crowd’s cry

Inspite of the shame
He carried that cross
He did not complain
Did not make a fuss

They nailed him to it
Pierced a sword through him
His death was complete
And the light was dim

All earth was shaken
As we mourned his death
My king was taken
I thought he’d rule earth

Its 3 days later
I hear he survived
His brutal murder
Even though he died

Its true! I’ve seen Him
With my very eyes
He left the earth’s scene
Into the clear skies

Had hell got a clue
Had they understood
He’d paid my dues
For only he could

He went into hades
Then Conquered the grave
The price has been paid
And now I am saved

He took my pain so
I wouldn’t have to
He bore those stripes so
I wouldn’t need to

Jesus died then rose
Freeing man from sin
Now he calls all souls
To come unto him

Please do not delay
No matter your state
Answer him today
Before its too late

27 thoughts on “Heaven’s Plan” by Oyenwen Odia (@oyodia)

  1. The saviour would be pleased.
    Good poem.

    1. @kaycee, I certainly hope so. Thanks. But em…good poem? Could it have been better?

  2. Moving tribute, awesome!

    1. @dottaraphaels, thanks!

  3. Amor (@iykewifey)

    He took my pain so
    I wouldn’t have to
    He bore those stripes so
    I wouldn’t need to

    Love this best

    1. @iykewifey, thank you. Glad you love it!

  4. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    @oyodia osanobua diba wé.é like line ná-‘Its true! I’ve seen Him
    With my very eyes
    He left the earth’s scene
    Into the clear skies’
    Indeed we see him today in d smile of a child, in d wisdom of d saint.kweyor!

    1. @sambrightomo, Kor. Yes,He is alive and well! Uwese.

  5. Nice poem. I was actually looking for a fresh angle as I read…

    1. @myne, thanks. So what did you see as you read?

      1. It was all too familiar.

        1. @myne. Ok. I think the familiarity issue is kind of inevitable. It is an unchanging story after all. But thanks all the same.

  6. wonderful poem…………..saw a parallel with a poem i published here last month; the coronation

    1. @clemency, thank you. Just read it, I see what you mean. Its really good.

      1. thankx but obviously, yours is better

        great minds…………………….

  7. Its always beautiful to find ways to give glory to God. Nice.

    1. @aturmercy, its all we should do. Thanks.

  8. Yea…Nice poem…He died that we could be free..Well done..$ß

  9. Very nice poem.

    1. Yay!! Thank you so muchm @chemokopi

  10. I love this poem.

  11. I wondered @Myne but soon understood. I wrote the Prodigal God whose
    Son was prodigal too. It is a via negativa approach where an extensive
    invitation reaches a wider audience especially the atheists & nihilists who
    need the gospel most. Unearth it here.

    On the poem, a succinct summary of the synoptic Gospels, Acts of the Apostles
    and the Scripture in general.

    Jisie ike.

    1. @ostar, Um…Prodigal God? Not sur I follow…
      On the poem, Yh, I’m glad you see that. Thanks.

  12. His love for us all made Him do this for us…

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