Healed Wounds

Healed Wounds

wake up! Geena !its ur wedding remember ……………….

i heard the annoying voice of my maid of honour and younger sister filling the air

geena we dnt want to keep the guest waiting do we …….

i woke did my usual sit ups and dash into the bathroom i couldnt believe it was my wedding day.i tried to imagine what life would be like if i had married gerald my first not so true love . gerald gerald…

it all started when i completed secondary school iwas about eighteen at that time and was wild as hell..my best friend henry,some other friends and i went out to the hottest club in town to celebrate ….. we danced got drunk and at that point decided to go home .we stood outside the club for close to 30minuites and there was no sign of a cab ,bike nothing .

we were begining to get frustrated when we saw a flash of headlights from the end of the road we decided to stop the car since we were more or less stranded

‘hi ladies and gentleman how may i be of help “said the gentleman in the car

we explained our situation and he decided to help he was very cute so i jumped in the front seat while my friends settled at the back we chatted all the way to my house where my friends were staying over

“Am gerald by the way and you are ‘ “geena” i said we got down thanked gerald and went into the house

my friends teased about how he asked for only my name and not theirs and how they think he liked me

i went to bed dreaming about a life with gerald in it

“see you later geena “”my friends said the next day and left

i was chatting on facebook when i heard the bell go off i was sooo angry cause i was in the middle of a good chat so i was ready to be rude to who ever it was

my parents were at work so i knew it wasnt them

i opened the door only to find gerald standing there  i was very happy to see him .i invited him in and then we started chatting   we exchanged numbers and he left one thing lead to another and we got involved …..i was 18 and he 27 and a docter as well.i introduced him to my parents and they liked him .gerald proposed to me on my 21st birthday and i accepted that day was like the happiest day of my life

we made love for the first time that night and it was wonderful

a week after gerald changed he wasnt picking up my calls and would give excuses for not coming to see me i was soo sad .i decide to pay gerald a surprise visit and i was the one who got the shock of my life  Gerald was making love to another woman woman in the ssame bed we made love i screamed and the only thing he said was  i brought it upon myself for not calling before coming he told me i was naive young unintelligent and he couldnt live with that he said i could keep the stupid ring as compensation i was crushed i cried for days months on end and vowed never to allow any man into my life  .Henry was always there for me during that period…my older sibblings laughed at me behind my back for thinking i would get married before them.my girl friend gossiped about how i used to think i had the hottest and richest guy and how i used to put it in their faces…Am 39years and about to get married to my best friend the only man that could take a bullet for me …….the thought of  him made me blush sooo hard……..

“GEENA..!!!!!!!!!!! what are you still doing in that bathroom ” will someone get that little girl off my back  i thought and smiled my wedding!! my wedding ! a day i thought will never come

6 thoughts on “Healed Wounds” by kaydie07 (@kaydie07)

  1. Short…but somehow disjoint.

    First of all – PUNCTUATE. Properly.

    And then…cut out all those small-ought-to-be-capital-letters.

    After then…

  2. It felt sooo childish…like a teen girl was gisting her friend plus it seemed like a nollywood film..
    No punctuations..
    No capitalization..

    You need to work out plenty of issues on this piece..
    NS is the place to get better…Keep writing…$ß.

  3. Hmmm… What can I say? Just keep writing and get better

  4. Be encouraged.

  5. Hmm
    Read, read, read then write, write, write.
    Try to be nice to your readers by punctuating properly

  6. @kaydie07, it would have been nice to see a twist or a variation on the old ‘boy meets girl – boy betrays girl’ story.

    Take your time in writing; there’s no rush. Others have pointed out the punctuation and capitalisation issues.

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