Green is for Amoeba

Green is for Amoeba

Michael stared at the result of the short story competition, working up a violent, impotent rage. He wanted to kill someone, needed to set a crucial example. He could punch his laptop or chew his modem–those actions were perfect expressions of the purest rage–but their poison would harm him and him only. He had not won the competition, had not even appeared on the final ten list. Did he suck that bad? Had all his effort been for nil? He couldn’t take that. For goodness sake, the blood of the nation’s second Nobel laureate, Ben Chude, pulsed through him. How could he not win?

As if to confirm his genealogy, he shot out of the chair and glared at the photo hanging on the wall over his bed. It was a copy of the original, of his father, dwarfish and bald, in a black French suit, holding a copy of the book that had brought him the prize–To Kill an Iroko–and addressing the audience, who were listening with rapt attention. To make matters worse, his dad had told him about the competition, understanding the yearning of his son to be a writer too. How could he not have won? he asked himself. He glared with such hostility at the picture that it could have gone up in flame of bright orange.

A knock sounded at the door. It was his mom calling him downstairs for supper. At the mention of food–he was sure it was his favourite, fufu and egusi soup–his stomach grumbled, as if telling his mother that he would be down, give him a minute. Michael remembered how he had suffered long bouts of hunger in order to set the story right, how he had worked hard for weeks on his grammar, punctuation and cohesion. He remembered his effort, all wasted now, and wanted to bawl.

With a glance at the door to make sure it was still locked, he returned to his chair. His plan was simple, really simple. There was a chest of three drawers in his desk. He pulled out the middle one. From it he took out a green CD case, snapped it open and slid out the disc. He tossed the case on the desk. Then glancing furtively at his window to make sure it was locked and curtained, he slotted the disc into his laptop’s DVD ROM, and waited for it to load.

The disc contained his revenge: a deadly computer virus that his geek friends had cracked and downloaded. They called it Green, although its technical name was amoeba. What it did was, like a plant, reach deep into the hard drive of whatever system it was sent to and rig the lighting of the monitor in a way that the computer monitor emitted covert strobic pulses into the user’s eyes, setting off a signal in the right hemisphere of the brain, causing the user to suffer a seizure, whether prone or not. It could kill, but Michael’s ultimate aim was to torture. A seizure was not a thing an enemy wished on a friend, heeheehee.

Michael uploaded the virus to the website, which he first hacked into. Anybody who hit the website would automatically trigger the virus and, hopefully, feel the power of Michael’s authorship…


40 thoughts on “Green is for Amoeba” by george (@george)

  1. Well-written story, @George.

    I liked how the story began – I can identify with the frustration of the MC. But are you saying that the MC had planned for the possibility that he might lose the competition by getting the DVD beforehand? That sounds somewhat strange to me. A more likely scenario is that he loses, gets very mad then goes out to get the DVD.

    I also didn’t think it was technically possible for someone to upload a virus to a website so that anyone visiting the site would have a seizure.

    1. Yes, I am saying he planned for it. I simply forgot to include that detail. I’m sorry about that hole. I wrote the story impromptu.

  2. Nice story, though I ditto @TolaO on the DVD thing.

    Since it’s a fiction, I believe it’s possible for one to upload a virus to a website and do the damage that you talked about.

    I hope someone won’t try that on NS though… hehehehe

    Keep writing…

    1. Thank you for your encouragement. It is not unappreciated. I agree with you and Tola; should have fixed it.

  3. There is something funny about the posts and time they come up on NS…
    I like the story, the virus thingy works in movies…it works in this story.
    If your friends were experimenting with the virus and then gave you as a gift when completed, that would be quite workable…

    Interesting story…Well done…$ß.

    Quite funny that George is a newbie and this is his 1st post….
    Green is for a jealous amoeba…hehehe..

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. Let me say something important, though: the original title was GREEN. NS changed it to the current one.

  4. I kinda like it…And yea, it just might work as @sibbylwhyte said

    1. Thank you for reading it!

  5. Well… Welcome on board @george. Good story, not so sure about the other aspects of the story.

    1. Thanks for reading, really. What aspects of the story aren’t you sure of, though?

  6. Now, George, as you can see in the touch of spice contest, my story wasn’t even posted at all….

    Call this pin: 2618238E.
    We need to talk.

    1. Thank you for reading my story. Yes, I will call. But I don’t have a BB. I don’t know if you may want to, but this is my number: 07035122937.

  7. Truly, I enjoyed everybit of the story. Twas quite interesting and engaging. Hmmm, indeed Green is for Amoeba.

    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting.

  8. Green… nice story and I quite admire the title; Green for amoeba, green for envy.
    Also shows that certain gifts don’t run in the blood.
    Good fiction, very well done. @george

    1. Thank you, Chimzorom, for reading and commenting.

  9. i loved it. hehehehe vindictive Michael.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. Talking about vindictiveness, you know what they say about cold dishes!

  10. Thank you for reading and commenting. Talking about vindictiveness, you know what they say about cold dishes!

  11. George!!! I told you that you will love it here! Good story but not your best. Bring them on!

    1. No, it’s not my best, but thanks.

      1. Yes, you were right: I am loving it here! I actually wasn’t thinking about best or worse–just had this compulsion to get it out of me, you know. Thanks to you!

  12. Interesting read. It needs a lil more flesh though. Welcome!

    1. Mmhmm, I agree. Thanks for reading.

  13. like,like,like, esp the intro. Losing sucks especially when you’ve laboured on the work you sent in.
    Waiting for your next post.

    1. Thanks. Already posted another piece, with the title ‘At the Pool’. Guess it’s still being reviewed.

  14. Very well written @george.Reminds me of Jeffery Deaver’s “the blue nowhere”
    God help us with these gizmos that have intricately become part of our everyday lives.
    Well done!

    1. Hi. Thanks for reading my stuff. Don’t know Jeffery Deaver, but yes, God help us all!

  15. Oh-kay, George. A tad bit scary but vewy good. I think the flow from when his mom called him to the end could have been better. Kudos:-)

    1. Okay. Thanks vewy much for reading and commenting.

  16. How come I missed commenting on this?

    Well, the story was real. This is something that can go on in any extremely ambitious person’s mind.

    Well done.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Eletrika.

  17. please some one tell me why must it always be Michael? we Michael are nice people lol- nice work of fiction and good narration. well done

  18. ….I have this small, portable Transformer for sale. Tell Michael to call me.
    Good job here. Ditto the DVD thing.

  19. Brilliant story. I really like it. Simple and short, straight to the point. reminds me of someone I know.

  20. This is nice. I like that it quickly gives the impression that some research went into this. I especially liked the descriptions in the part of the story about the laptop and modem, which I feel was laden with the intended emotion.

    Keep improving your art. There is no end to learning.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  21. I enjoyed this…and though by now you cannot be said to be a newbie any more, welcome on-board al the same.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

  22. well-written
    well-read as well…………

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