Featured Writer for May is Obinwanne – I Like Realistic Characters

Featured Writer for May is Obinwanne – I Like Realistic Characters

Obinwanne writes on his Naijastories profile, “I wield a mighty sword and slay dragons in my real life. Sitting in the office and having meetings all day, that’s just an illusion created by Babylon to keep me in check…” and that already gives you a glimpse of his personality. Last month, his story Infatuation swept aside the gender curtain that tries to insist there is no love lost between couples in marriages. The post was shared widely on Facebook and Twitter by readers who loved the twist and now has over 850 views. You can read his other works HERE and it was our pleasure to find out more about Obinwanne in the following interview. Enjoy…

How do you feel being featured?

Wow! Seriously? I was half dreading the day this might happen because I actually don’t like the spotlight very much, but I told myself not to worry because why would they ever want to feature me? Guess I spoke too soon! Not that I don’t appreciate it, though, don’t get me wrong. 10,000 points! Soso mu?

OK, here goes.

When and why did you begin writing?
Started writing as a child, but never finished anything. There’re probably 10 or 15 unfinished novels from my childhood lying around my parents’ house. Why did I write? No idea, to be honest. I just did.

What inspired you to write Infatuation, and your writing in general?
Laughs. Infatuation. I’m still shocked by the number of views. Women and romance. Na wa o. I wrote it because the conventional wisdom in Nigeria seems to be that all men cheat and aren’t that attracted to their wives. I was begging to differ. Also, I was looking to comment on the fact that some men find natural hair more attractive than all that fake stuff; a fact that most women find very difficult to believe.

Which is your favorite genre?
Anything that rings true. I’m fond of Sci-fi, sha.

Do you have a specific writing style?
No. I just try to be as realistic as possible in the interactions between the characters. If a line in the conversation doesn’t sound to me like what the character would say or do in real life, I take it out or rewrite it.

Do you have a major theme that runs through most of your work?
All my characters have native names. And are mostly Igbo.

What books have most influenced your life and or writing, the most?
Basically everything I’ve ever read, from Enid Blyton to Cyprian Ekwensi.

What books are you reading now?
Voice of America by E. C. Osondu, Unfair Advantage by Robert T. Kiyosaki, and The Time Machine by H.G. Wells.

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? What is it that really strikes you about their work?
I love some of the authors on Naijastories! Kaycee, Raymond, and Howudey, to name a few. Boys are not smiling! What strikes me? They’re bloody good, that’s what!

What are your current projects? Any goals for 2012?
Classified. Level 22. Joke. It’s all work-related, anyway. Nothing interesting, from a literary point of view.

Do you see writing as a career?
It’s more of a fantasy, to be honest. To write for a living. I’m not brave enough.

Can you share a little about your writing with us?
I’m already doing that! On Naijastories! The stories speak for themselves. I hope.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
Finishing. That’s why short stories are like a life jacket to me.

Who is your favorite author? Do you have a writing mentor?
Changes every couple of months. There are a couple of African writers I’m quite fond of, but I suspect it’s them I like, not necessarily their work. Not to take anything away from their work…

No, I don’t have a mentor. Maybe someone at Naijastories would like to volunteer?

What do you think of the Nigerian publishing industry?
Don’t know much about it, to be honest. I’ve heard of Farafina. That’s about it. Sorry!

What comments do you have about the reading culture in the country?
I think it’s grossly underestimated. And misjudged. For example, most people looking at me would most likely assume I probably don’t read much, let alone write. And they’d be wrong, obviously.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
As per this Infatuation sef, who are you all?!! Where did all those views come from? In general, just… thanks for reading.

Answer the following

Ice cream or chocolate?
Most definitely ice cream. Can’t stand chocolate.

Football or Basketball?
Football for sure.

Ebook or paperbacks?

Salty or sweet?

Beach or mountains?
Is this a trick question? Beach of course!

Phone call or textmessage?
Text. I’m an antisocial bastard.

Early bird or night owl?
Night owl. Nosferatu, in fact.

Dog or cat?
Dawg all the way.

Messy or neat?
Messy for two days, tidy on the third day. Then it all gets messy again. Vicious circle.

Heroes or Villains?
Depends on who’s judging, doesn’t it?

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  1. Hahahaha. Obiwanne. Nice interview, but u dey write infatuation.

  2. Congrats man.

    1. Thanks, @kaycee. Appreciate.

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    1. @louis: Thanks, Bros. E no easy to come after that dude, man. Wetin I wan’ talk?

    2. sambright (@sambrightomo)

      @louis ahan…They are obviously two type of writers.

  4. I find you interesting already.
    Really nice interview!

    1. @adaobiokwy: Thank you! It was my 1st time! I swear!

      What do u mean that’s what they all say? ;-)

      1. where did that come from?

        1. @adaobiokwy: lol. I know. Forgive me, abeg. Wine…

  5. Nice one… Maybe twould be my turn next month. :)

    1. @jamesndu: Yes o! Looking out for you in June…

  6. Interesting and funny. I think every writer has a challenge about finishing.

    1. @sontel: Prof. I think say na only me, o.

      1. It is normal. Even at this stage, I have numerous unfinished stories that I doubt I’d ever revisit in this life. Maybe if I had been quick enough to publish them, I would have avoided this.

  7. Dude idi ok. Shine on. The spotlight is for those that merit it. Congrats!

    1. @francis: Thank you, my brother.

  8. Amor (@iykewifey)

    Nice one bros.

  9. I thoroghly enjoyed reading that story, well done

  10. Congrats Obi…Infatuation is a cool story…Guess it pays to be infatuated after all…hehe..
    Realistic interview too…Welldone..$ß

    1. @sibbylwhyte: Thanks so much! It does pay, apparently…

  11. Why do I like this interview?? Just sounds like the coolest I’ve seen here so far… Soso gi ekwa? If its too much, share it na…. And your answer for messy/neat sounds interesting.

    Congratulations man. Don’t stop writing.

    1. I agree wiv u @gooseberry… very cool interview.

    2. @gooseberry: Lol! Too much points? No such thing! The more you acquire, the more you want! See me that used to be nice and content with my 3000 points o…

      Dalu for your kind words, goosy. And thanks, @teewah.

  12. That thy ink from eternal god’s fountain runeth
    upon earth by the immortal feather of the


    1. OK. A poet, no doubt!

  13. good, pal. sassy as samba and a real source of images and dissimulation. translate: i lke writers and readers who are hip.WHICH U ARE!

    1. @ezeakwukwo: Dalu for the comment and for the translation! Jah bless!

  14. Oops! i meant ‘i like…

  15. Man! You can’t judge a writer by his hooded top!

    So this is the dude behind that lovely story! Serious Obinwanne, I like your simplicity and the obvious fact that you don’t take life too seriously.

    feeling you jare…keep writing and repping to the original!

    1. Lol. @Afronuts: Admin actually insisted on that hooded top picture. It’s my gmail avatar, and I’d even forgotten about it. But they saw it when I replied their email and said ‘We’re using this one, dude!’ I no fit shout, na.

      Thanks, Jare!

  16. tade (@tadethompson)

    Great interview.
    I like your attitude to writing.

  17. Do you like Obiwan in star wars?

    1. @khadijahmuhammad: Funnily enough a lot of oyibo people used to call me that. They thought my parents must have got the name from there. Can you imagine? Mtcheeew!

  18. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    One thing that stands out for me in this interview is d realistic mien of @obiwanne.VERY ORIGINAL

    1. My oga. I remain loyal. Thank you, @sambrightomo.

  19. I agree with your comment about that the reading culture in Nigeria is grossly underestimated and misjudged. All the best in your writing journey.

    1. Thank you, @yejide-kilanko. Is that your real name? Very cool name, if I may say so!

      1. Thanks :)

  20. Nice one! You definitely don’t look like someone that reads or writes….Loved Infatuation joor….Well done

    1. @enoquin: Much appreciated! I know, right? Never judge a book…

  21. Congratulations!
    You know you’ll make a very good writer. So finish up your works, you hear?

    1. @babyada: Madam Eletrika! Thank you very much, o! Now that I only bother with short stories, I tend to finish more. Maybe one day I’ll attempt a novel again. But that one ko easy!

  22. Oyibos can be very funny.Lol.I don’t think people who read have a particular look.Naija people like to stereotype a lot.Do have a blessed day.

  23. Well done bro….well done. U mentioned my name? Yippee!

    1. @raymond: “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s…” So dia4, I must give credit wherever credit is due! And in your case, I probably still owe you some more credit…

  24. Chemo (@chemokopi)

    Congratulations! I like your down-to-earth views. Keep writing.

    1. @chemokopi: Thanks, man. I think I will.

  25. I love your simplistic approach to the questions… speaks well of you. Do finish your works; you’d definitely make a good writer.

    1. Thank you, @chimzorom.Glad to see it’s still OK to just be oneself…

  26. Honestly if I had read this earlier, I would have been shocked at myself. @obinwanne, I love the short crispy response to each question. I believe that lesser you talk, the lesser you lie. Well, I am still trying to learn that lesson. Honestly. :)
    Congratulations on May. May more accolades crown your worth and more laurels your inky flow. Keep writing bro. Keep writing. Cheers, S’

    1. @sueddie: Thanks, Bruv. Funnily enough, one of the earliest things I clearly remember my dad ever saying to me was “If you have nothing important to say, say nothing. People will think you’re smarter than you actually are.”

      Must have stuck with me without me even realising…

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