Call Me Liquor, I’m a god!

Call Me Liquor, I’m a god!

Call Me LIQUOR, I’m a god!

My name is liquor
I embrace all with vigour
I make all equal
Putting them in a stupor
Brave men I make
Where angels fear they thread
Their payday always my take

I am liquor
Who says I’m not a god
All stand equal before my throne
Before me you can neither stand straight nor hold your pace
How dare you not bow
Bow you must!
You cannot stand straight at my golden gate
I treasure your wallets
Measure your pockets
My gift to you is a big gut
And the company of a slut
What a rut!
To wake up and find yourself sleeping in a golden puddle!

7 thoughts on “Call Me Liquor, I’m a god!” by aturmercy (@aturmercy)

  1. Nice, nice and funny.

  2. Very nice. Sensibly amusing.

  3. @aturmercy, another rib tickler…so TRUE!

    “brave men I make..where angels fear they thread” That’s power alright!

  4. Hehehe…A drunk knows for sure which god he serves…
    Nice one mercy…Well done…$ß.

  5. Teeehehehe…Nice…

  6. I would stand before your throne over and over again just to always wake up in a golden puddle!

  7. I like it! Yeah! It’s got this directness that lays emphasis to exactly what kind of god it is: mean, ruthless, indiscriminate…nice, real nice poem. One small thing though, isn’t it supposed to be ‘tread’ instead of ‘thread’? Thumbs up…

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