Worn Nigeria


1914 to 2014
A hundred years of blood
A hundred bloods of war
A hundred wars of God
A hundred gods of man

How I wish
We were never mothered by English
We are Igbo
We are Yoruba
We are Hausa
We are Ijaw, Itsekiri and Urhobo

How we wish
I was never smothered by Britian
I am Biafra
I am Oduduwa
I am Arewa
I am the Niger Delta Republic

2014 to 3014
A thousand years of wine
A thousand wines of peace
A thousand peaces of sin
A thousand sins of God

3014 to 0
A million years of death
A million deaths of life
A million lives of I
A million I’s of we



I see more suns
shining in the skies

I see new flags
flying without fires

I see free peoples
preying on their predators

I see women
winning all the wars

I see my Biafra
blazing from a black hole

I see you Yankees
yearning for yesteryears

I see a few
facing the future

I see machines
manning our morals

And I saw God

going, going, gone…

(The Light of Africa!!)

NB There are no mistakes in the two poems above. I have used my words deliberately & purposefully. Call it poetic license if u like *winks*

9 thoughts on “Worn Nigeria” by King kObOkO (@koboko)

  1. I know…after reading the caveat. I just knew Koboko wrote this.


  2. okay…like the SEE better

  3. Life is 90% dream, 10% reality. With rebellious humans who always feel cheated and unfairly treated over everything, there can never be even a near-perfect nation.

  4. Koboko has come again.

  5. I found the postscript amusing…

    I liking the poems sha…specially the twice of them…Well done K..

    P.S..there are NO errors in my comment, call it ‘commentual license’..winks..

  6. @Koboko, whatever I feel about the sentiments behind the first poem, I quite liked the poem itself, especially:

    A hundred years of blood
    A hundred bloods of war
    A hundred wars of God
    A hundred gods of man

  7. Okay o. Poetic licence abi? We have heard. The poems are…. Well, I sha know that I like it sha.

  8. No b smal tiniz.
    Nice lines

  9. K. 4 koboko. Nt too bad. Lactoo says so.

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