Ode To Friendship.

Ode To Friendship.

Chill winds raise

my soul to the mount

of thoughts, the place

where I must muddy

yesterday’s rock of

the pains we prayed

tomorrow pass again!

There are hearts

carved to be men, and

hearts to friends.

Definition of man made

old Caesar disdain the

prophecy of the

fore-warnings of March,

but in death, true friends

come the long road to

the ashes rite, like faithful


I clean my bleeding

heart with my conscience,

to ask unretiring, where

arrived such friend?

Why the alarms submitted

to hear my cry?

Unseparated like Robins

glued in living love, and

placating with true return

when the flesh of man

plays the role of offense.

What caged soul

like the gift of Jonathan

to David, and friendship

wears an Angel’s robe

to swear friends are true!

You have written

your heart on the book

of yesterday’s gone winds

we smile now.

You have excel like

test of Jonathan’s, and sworn

true friendship like Anthony

pouring on graveside the ashes.

Before my face I

bring the days we

stretched the plate.

And numbered stars

to fill with hope!

Days ran as you

drag the future here,

and slowed the days

we feared to die.

As we bare, we

said to our wounds,

and smiled to heal

where we have broken


Dark nights stretch

the dawn long for

hope to unlock us,

but you fueled more

how we must wait

to set like gold sun!

The night is too cold

to gather lines of the

black tales of survival,

but I must bring before

my face, the ode

that string the sounds

of yesterday, and the dance

of friendship!

2 thoughts on “Ode To Friendship.” by Dike Dyke Williams (@dwilliams)

  1. I feel the lines were cut where they shouldnt have been.
    Maybe its a style.

  2. Yes it’s deliberate Kaycee…the poem is confessional in nature, so some of the thoughts come that short…and I just feel I should allow them flow as they want to be. Thanks

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