On my first day at the university, looking so lost as i skillfully hid my eagerness and enthusiasm in my happy eyes, i made my way through the crowd of students in front of the multi- purpose hall at Unilag.

I was looking for someone and I hadn’t exactly found anyone who matched that ‘someone’ I was looking for. That ‘someone’ was not someone i necessarily knew, but someone who matched the specifications i had already forced myself to memorise earlier that day- CUTE, GENTLE AND MEEK LOOKING, CHEERFUL SMILE, EASY TO MAKE FRIENDS WITH, RELAXED- he or she could be a boy or a girl. . .

Finally, I got to the front of the crowd but unfortunately, everyone smiling was paired up, filling one form or the other and the single people? #too monstrous to dare to approach#.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this dude with a funny look. He had on a brown shirt and a green top tucked into a jagged blue jeans, and a pair of red snickers. His hair was tousled about his head and he had a pair of lenses on. He could have passed for a lunatic at first sight!
In those clothes and shoes, he seemed to be poorer than a dead church rat! As he made his way around, other students laughed at his horrible dress sense and i couldn’t help but join in too; surprisingly, rather than feel ashamed, he laughed too! Walking away from the scene, i made my way to the nearest official so i could as well get on with my registration. . .

Later that day, as i waited endlessly at a filling station for a bus, a sleek black ride pulled in to get some fuel. Something about the driver made me transfix my gaze on the car and alas! It was mr, weird guy again!
Hercules! Is this his car or some stolen ride? Plus who’s this guy exactly?
I watched his every move and expression. From a distance, he seemed really normal, nice, cute and wealthy but, but. . . Or is he a cab driver?
I saw him look at the screen of the petrol filler, dip his hands in his pocket for fresh notes, whisper the familiar words- ‘KEEP THE CHANGE’- flirt, wink and finally laugh the way to his car.
Who is mr. Weird guy? I asked myself in wonderment.
I was too lost in my thoughts to realise he was making towards me; and by the time i realised, he already had my hands well framed by his own big ones. The smell of his perfume wafted through my nostrils, he was really drop- dead gorgeous. But, but. . .

I quickly grasped my hands from his.

‘What can I do for you?’ I asked in mock defence.

As usual, he laughed heartily before answering. What exactly always amuses him? I thought angrily.

‘um, sorry. Did i say something funny?’

Again, the sexy, naughty- almost- already familiar laugh rented the air.

‘you’re beautiful. You could hop in if you need a ride. It’s pretty late, and buses are in some mad traffic at school, so what do you say?. .’

He didn’t sound convincing enough, but what choice did I have? Plus, not even the hottest chic on campus could take a pass for such offer. Plus again, I finally found someone who perfectly matched my initially seemingly demanding list.

In minutes, we were on our way to my cousin’s place.

‘so, is this your car?’ I questioned curiously.

‘well, yeah.’

I looked it over, from the comfy chairs, to in- built and customised gadgets; to the rug and choice of car deodorant. Damn! This Guy must be smoking rich!
Almost immediately, my thoughts shifted to my boyfriend, who hadn’t called all day. Yesterday, i called him; same as the day b4. . . What is going on with us?
Feeling his gaze on me, i turned towards him with a questioning eyebrow and he did the same.

‘what happened to you all of a sudden?’

i shook my head vigorously as i mouthed ‘nothing’.

He looked into my eyes for a while and then asked ‘how’s your boyfriend?’

immediately, my disposition changed. Having someone ask me such a perfectly- targeted question caught me off guard.

He gave a short laugh, then continued ‘i understand. Do feel free to share.’

He still had his stare fixed on me and a hand on the stirring when a car from the back mindlessly smashed into his sexy car boot.

What the heck?

The last time such happened to my boyfriend, he angrily got out of the car and started to flare up. The offender apologised to no avail and my boo threatened to take him to the police if he wasn’t adequately indemnified on the spot; such that the offender ended up giving us a cheque b4 he was allowed to go.

Was it a dream or what? Mr weird guy was in the car beside me laughing as usual as he ignited the car; and i saw the offender wave at him vigorously with a matching smile of affection and sincere apologies.

‘What just happened?’ I questioned suprisingly.

‘Nothing much ‘senorita’, the dude just carelessly smashed into the boot . . . ‘


‘And what?’

‘You let him go scot- free?’

He laughed heartily again before responding ‘sure sweety. No one is above mistake.’

i stared at him with my mouth agape. ‘why does everything amuse you?’

‘Well, . . . because though a smile or laughter doesn’t solve everything, a frown or anger never solves a thing!’ and then he laughed again.

‘who are you, weird guy?’

‘reality or you could just call me laughter’.

Ha ha ha, he laughed again. . .

18 thoughts on “Laughter!” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. hehehe! I like idea. Kudos! But it should be better punctuated and consistent with the capital ‘I’. Well done!

    1. @francis thanks. I’d work on my punctuation next time. :)

  2. Hmmm. I really, truly and honestly like the story. Imagine meeting Laughter!

    BUT…spelling errors, punctuation issues and lettering took out all the fun to be had in it.

    Did you write it in a hurry? Be careful o. You don’t cook a ten thousand naira soup and then put in a nylon bag.

    Edit this…and take your time with it. You can write!

    1. @Seun-Odukoya thanks. I really appreciate your comment. I wrote it a long time ago, that’s why it seems so bad! I think I’m much better now. I don’t know so much about tenses, sentence and grammar structure and all, but I try!
      I’m sorry I had to flaunt these minor flaws in your face, but then I’m glad you were able to enjoy it all the same.
      I hope to do better next time. :)

  3. I was frustated reading this because I read your bio first. You said you want to improve as a writer but this showed a lack of even the basic writing rules, like making your I capital letter. MS word document does it automatically as do most phones, so check and enable spell checks to help catch these minor flaws. If you want to write to entertain your friends and us, that is a different matter, but if you hope to become a writer, and maybe publish your work to a wider audience, you need to read a grammar book and start learning the language again.

    For example, a car has an ignition key, but you don’t ignite a car unless you want to set it on fire. You can ignite the engine of the car, or you can simply start the car.

    My advice to beginner writers is to always go for the simpler words until your grasp of vocabulary improves.

    I do like the story you have here and look forward to reading more from you.

    1. Thanks @Myne. Truly, this write- up was put up for the wrong reasons. I wrote it a long time ago, and just wanted to put it up for entertainment, forgetting the fact that this is NS and not FB or my blog site. My bad!
      Just don’t give up on me yet.
      I appreciate your comment, and I must say I honestly did not mean to invoke your anger through this piece. I hope the flaws didn’t stop you from smiling at the end though; because that’s all I had in mind while publishing this on here.
      I hope to write better next time.

      #Elementary brighter grammar on my mind#.


      1. Thanks for taking my comments at face value, I was worried later that you could be offended. Well, I do look forward to your more recent work. All the best. :)

  4. How best is it to laugh?
    Chin set wide apart,
    teeth like melon shone,
    and breath piping up
    through the esophagus!
    You did it, I laughed.

    1. @ostar haha! No better way than that my friend. I’m glad you caught the drift. Thanks. I appreciate you. :)

  5. Beautiful concept but marred by the highlighted thoughts as expressed by the afore commentaries.I think I will also take a clue from @Myne.We sometimes get carried way with our ‘Beautiful ideas’ that we forget to edit are great writer @dr2103 keep writing.

    1. @sambrightomo thanks, I sure will. :)

  6. Hahaha…and I laughed with Laughter at the end…Heed the words above…Well done…$ß

  7. The way u wrote the story reminded me of the way I wrote way back in high school when I was trying to master the art. Even the theme is kind of similar-one surrounding students and romance. Since it was written long ago, I’ll say it was a good attempt. But also take note of Myne whitman’s comments.

  8. I liked the idea of meeting Laughter, but the way the story was written made me confused as to whether I should take this literally or figuratively. For example, if it was meant to be read figuratively, what was the significance of Laughter showing the MC his place?

    1. I had same problem @TolaO

  9. @sibbylwhyte thanks. I promise to heed. :)

  10. You can take it either way, I guess; however you seem to understand it best. .
    The ‘laughter’ character is just a typical guy who’s non- challant about virtually everything in life; cos he has realised that although sorrow doesn’t heal, laughter doesn’t kill.
    I could be laughter too; anyone can be. .
    This story is not a serious one, it’s just something to ease your nerves a bit (if possible) and make you realise that life would come with it’s troubles, but how best you counter them determines how far you’d reach.
    C’est finis.

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