Just Down The Road

Just Down The Road

April 11, 2012   10.13am

I have walked this road many times before

Down beside the sparkling sea under the sorrowful moon light

This road down memory lanes I don’t care to recall

My feet though walk of their own accord, even though I gave them a good fight.


I fight, I strenuously do

For, I have little hope of ever returning from this trip

I have  trudged on for eons looking for someone wholesome and new

But, my sight dim and become clouded under this twilight’s sweep.


My feet is weary and I feel it become wary

The spritely spring losing its bubbly spirit

At the sight of the distance which looms large like a phantom fairy

Clad in darkness and shrouded in mystical myths.


Still these feet keep walking, oblivious of the waves and the flapping branches

Forward and onwards, not dallying while love at the end of the road waits

On this road I have walked before, it doesn’t tarry

Marching on towards love’s mirage and its tantalizing treats.


I will hope to find this someone or this place

Without a compass my feet will surely lead me straight

To the point where my heart will find everlasting peace

Where at the bosom of my fair and lovely lady, I am sure I shall forlornly faint.

11.42 am


33 thoughts on “Just Down The Road” by shaifamily (@shaifamily)

  1. Nice one Shai.

    Yeah. We have to keep walking. Shai Walker.

    Let’s Go.

    1. We going.
      Thanks for stopping by to appreciate this.

  2. Oh. It got in?
    And av been dissing @Admin since yesterday.
    I owe @Admin an apology, can I route it through you? *winks* #stillonthenmatter

    1. Route it through who?

  3. @Seun-odukoya yea. It can sometimes be a seemingly endless one.

  4. a long way to go… keep walking… i love ur poem mst. esp. d design

  5. @clemency we all need the walk. Where we end up is all up in the air though.
    Thanks for liking what u read. As per the visual style…comes with the territory.

  6. No doubt about it seeming endless, but to get there you had to. Walk on. Nice to see your work.

    1. Thank you sir. Thank you for appreciating this.

  7. Not bad.
    Not too bad.


    What do I know

    1. Abi? Other than to roll tire and play wif …. L☺ː̗̀(=)))ː̖́☺L

  8. Where do you even know you’re going?
    There’s no way there. Just turn back.

    Nice one joor. Strong message.

    1. hmmm, what can I say?
      Just hope he finds a fair lady wif a fair bosom.

  9. This is really good, Shai. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Thanks @Myne. That endorsement is refreshing.

      Glad you like.

  10. ….And the long walk leads to a lady.

    Nice Nice. iLike.

  11. @tamie I guess it does.
    Thanks for the Ilike vote. I derive happiness that I have not wasted ur time.

  12. Hmmmmm. Nice,
    let me no wen u reach d end of d waka

    1. Yippeeee.
      I see u…u come grace ds place with ya august presence.
      Will sure let u know, as u seem always sniffing for gist.
      Hope to see more of ya

  13. Shai u no go kill me joor.
    Tight message. Lets ride on

  14. May you walk the right part…

    1. @weirdpile May we all. May we all.

  15. Finally, he might just reach the end and see there’s nothing special then he’ll have to turn back but then, he just has to keep moving… No relenting.. A lil harm in trial won’t hurt much.

    I like the poem.

    1. @gooseberry wouldn’t that be a shame?

  16. Loves journey is so cool…I think I like the mystery of love.
    Nice one here.

  17. @dottaraphels don’t we all?
    Thanks for reading and enjoying ds piece.

  18. I definitely like the message, but not necessarily the presentation…seems rough, casual like it took all of 15 minutes to write, edit and post.

  19. @lelouch one thing I know for a fact it took more than 15 minutes to write and edit ds piece.
    I don’t av control over how U̶̲̥̅̊ receive dis.
    Would av preferred if it didn’t jump at U̶̲̥̅̊ like dt tho’.

  20. I like this…very much. Hmmm…shai, you like the rules of poetry O. I could feel the rhythm of the meter all through.

    I like that the windy style of presentation gives a greater force to the message: the windy path of the journey to our heart’s desire. We usually think we know what we search for and where it would be–waiting for us, but we find that the journey keeps changing in course as we also change inwards as regards what we feel and desire.

    Nice one shai. Keep writing

    1. @chemokopi what more can I Say?!
      Merci and God bless you. I am really happy ds made you happy.

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