FaceBook Love 2

FaceBook Love 2

As I knelt before him in apprehension, I watched him closely, trying to read through his thoughts.
His eyes were filled with confusion and disappointment. He picked his phone from his pocket, and went to his browser like he meant to google what kind of punishment I deserved; then he typed in the familiar words- www.facebook.com.
I became even more scared. What exactly was he planning to do? In seconds, the browser took him to his homepage, then he clicked on his profile information and waited for it to load. It was at times like this that the network seemed to always cooperate, I thought angrily! He scrolled through his page in an unfamiliar manner, taking his time to read the little detail he had there.
I didn’t have to read along with him, as I already knew it all by heart. .

Profile: facebook.com/KC_George

Gender: Male

Birthday: 15th of June

Relationship: In a relationship with Sandra Peters

Bio: Simple.

A man of little words, I thought to myself.
I watched him anxiously; wondering what next he was going to do, and why he decided to log in at that moment. . .
Almost immediately, he scrolled up a little, and clicked on Sandra Peters. I was scared. What is he up to? I asked myself.
He checked my info, saw my picture and smiled. Then he scrolled down a bit more and read every detail carefully again.

Profile: facebook.com/SanP

Gender: Female

Birthday: 15th of May

Relationship: In a relationship with Kelechi George

Quotes: Be yourself.

Be yourself, he echoed and gave a short laugh.

Bio: Simple, honest and sophisticated.

University (postgraduate): Oxford University

University: University of Bedforshire

Company: Unilever

He gave another short laugh again, as more tears filled my eyes. Why me? Why this?!
After a long while, he looked at me, stood up and walked out. .
Out! Out of my life forever, I thought.

Sitting in hopeless fear, I thought of how things would have been if I hadn’t lied. . Or perhaps, if Tina hadn’t been such a back stabber to tell out on me. Why me Lord? Why?
Drenched in my own rain of tears, I surrendered to despair, as I closed my eyes in weariness.
I don’t know how long it was that I slept, but I remember very well that it was a heavy kick in my butt and screams of joy or perhaps, surprise, that woke me up from my sleep; on the arrival of my aunt and her children.

‘Ifeoma Sandra Peters!’

I stood before her in fear and shame, as I responded to her call.

‘Where have you been?’

‘Aunty, I . . I . . ‘

‘You? Oya o, ayam listening, ngwanu!’ She retorted in her usual Igbo accent.
A quick rush back of the days event threw me at her feet.

‘Aunty I am sorry. I am very sorry, please forgive me. . . I know I have been ungrateful aunty; I know you have been good to me, and even taken me as one of your children. Aunty I am sorry for being a bad example to my younger ones, aunty please. . . .’

On and on I went, pleading with her in all sincerity. I exhorted her, and called her even beautiful names that she wasn’t. I didn’t expect her to draw me into her arms and tell me its alright because that was very unlike the poor woman, who had over embraced poverty that there was not even a little space left for her to embrace her kids. I just hoped that my sincerity would move God to help me touch her heart of stone. I had truly learnt my lesson, and was ready to behave like the ifeoma, that I am!

‘. . . . Aunty please I promise. . . .’

‘Enough!’ The thunderous command forced my speech to a halt as I fluttered my eyes wide open.
She seemed at the verge of tears. Did I say something wrong? Did I. . . .?
I saw her stretch her arms forward gesturing for a hug.

‘Come here!’ She commanded again.
She should be in the military, I thought to myself!
I was happy as I closed into her warm bosom. It felt good- like I was home again.

‘Thank you Aunty. Thank you for understanding. . .’

‘Its okay.’

Only then did I feel the hands of the three ‘little rascals’ around me. Damn! That night was bliss, except that something was missing; or rather someone- Kelechi George.

The next day, I went over to Tina’s apartment where I had been staying since I decided to be a ‘BIG GIRL’. On seeing her, it was obvious that she was uncomfortable, and even more obvious that she wanted me to put up a fight; but it seemed I had miraculously grown over that one day. All I wanted to do was take my things, and leave! Leave her, her house, her lifestyle, her choices, her opinions; basically just leave the new me, that was totally made up of her!
I decided it was time to take control of my life again, embrace that small family, wealth and life that there ever was, and appreciate everything the little I have can afford.
Even if I had lost someone’s love, I felt the need to win back my life; then maybe, just maybe I could win back my love. . .

Ii moved back into the school campus, focused on my studies, and went over to my auntys house during every school break. I helped her with her tailoring business when I was chanced, and sent her some money from the little I made as a hairdresser at school.
Of course, it was hard trying to re- adjust but I tried my best to stay focused and determined. Though my chances with Kelz seemed awfully slim, as he refused to pick my calls or even reply my text messages and emails; a part of me told me there was still hope because for some reason or the other, each time I checked my facebook profile, my relationship status still remained intact, untouched, as though nothing happened. He had to have a reason for that, because the Kelechi I know would never be without a reason for something as crucial as that.

Year after year, I kept up, trying to be better than I was, and hoping and believing that someday everything would be fine again. So many guys had asked me out but I declined as I kept assuring myself that Kelechi would pick up my call someday, or maybe even call me himself; and that someday may be the next day or maybe even the moment I decide to let that other fine guy into my life; or perhaps that moment I decide to take that my first kiss that I’ve always been dreaming of. . .
And God knew, I wasn’t ready to disappoint him, not once more!
So many times, he posted really romantic updates that got me totally sure he had forgiven me. Only for me to call him and have him not pick my calls again.

One day, out of rage, I broke my sim and bought a new one; only to find myself reciting his number by heart in an attempt to call his phone again.
Damn him, damn him, damn him! I screamed!
Doesn’t he realise I would someday get tired of trying to call him, or trying to make him forgive me? What if he was the one that made that mistake? What if this, what if that?
I cried my eyes out over and over, and finally, after two years of constantly trying to get him back, I just QUIT and let him be! When he’s ready, he’d come back, that I was sure of.


A year after, on completing my NYSC, my job hunt began. I submitted my CV to various organisations and after six months of series of interviews and tests in various organizations, I got a job in my dream place of work- Unilever!
I was over- excited.

On my birthday, exactly a month since I settled in my place of work, I went to my facebook profile to update my information.

Quotes: Every disappointment is a blessing in disguise.

Bio: I am a 1st class graduate of Accounting from the prestigious university of first choice.
Heartbroken but happy, and hoping to be happier. . .

University: University of First choice.

Company: Unilever.

I felt renewed as I typed in those words that were once mere lies, but now were my world; my reality.

Just as I was about to log out, I received an Inbox message which read.
”Hi Sandra, my name is Kelechi George, a 29 year old first class graduate of economics. I work at Mobil as a manager. I would love to know more about you. Please, kindly inbox me your details as well as your bb pin. Thank you.’
I was overwhelmed. My face was wreathed in smiles even as tears trickled out of my eyes, and my hands shook on my qwerty keys.
Yes I now own a BB, and No, ‘maga no pay!’ I bought it with my money, of course, when it was the cheapest it could be. My aunt still lives in the heart of Ajegunle, but I now call her mama. My then cousins, now siblings have grown so big and very beautiful and good looking. The house has been repainted, we now pay our bills regularly. Everything is now fine, and I don’t need a man to make me and my family happy; I just need to do well at work, get paid and better my lot. But do I still love Kelechi? Why did it take him so long?

Just then, my phone rang. It was a strange number. I picked it up anyway.


‘Happy birthday!’

‘Thank you. Who’s this?’


‘How did you get my number?’ I questioned angrily.

‘I have my ways. . ‘


‘Ok fine, your aunt!’


I just wanted to cut his call off and slam the phone on the ground, and in fact I did. . . The former alone of course!
Later that day, I received a visitor. It was Kelechi again.

‘Hi Sandra.’

Looking up from my table, I met his gaze; his chocolate brown sexy round-eyed gaze. Oh damn! How I’ve missed this man.
I swallowed hard. I couldnt dare to stand up because I was sure my legs would make me run to him. And no, he didn’t need that at the moment. He needed some attitude!

‘What can I do for you?’ I questioned in my meanest look.
He smiled.
Damn him for knowing he had charm!

‘Will you marry me?’ He questioned going down on one kneel without moving any closer.

26 thoughts on “FaceBook Love 2” by Me (@dr2103)

  1. woow…scintilating attempt…i like the story

  2. I so love happy endings.

    1. oh boy, you should watch nollywood then! @kaycee. hehehehehehe

  3. I love the quirk of fate in this story and Sandra’s sudden self-realisation and resolve to take her life back amid her shortcomings. Dr2103, you know ba…? Her sense of responsibility is remarkable. You try. I enjoyed every bit of the story. Weldone!

  4. Knowing they would always end up together,
    I thought I wouldn’t feel it much when they eventually did…
    Yet, when it did happen, I found myself smiling like it was I receiving the proposal… hehehe
    I’ll ignore the very little errors I saw and give you the praise you deserve… WELL DONE!

    [one more thing- if you ever make this into a story, I hope you give it a different name- just my opinion]@dr2103

  5. Hmmmmmm. I thought the story ended in the first part, never thought they’ll get back together. Romantic, kinda but a lil unreal. too rosy.

    Cool writing.

  6. Sweet love story, but lots of errors. Please read, and edit again, you have an unpolished gem here.

  7. I loved the part where she gave up the pretense and turned her life around..What can I say?..Miracles happen..
    Just go through the story once more and get the little mistakes right..
    Well done jare..You try.

  8. You should write a romance novel.

  9. I love this part 2 most.

    well done.

  10. @dr2103, I thought the story ended well with part 1. I didn’t even know there would be a part 2.

    I liked it up to the point where Kelechi sent a Facebook message to her after she had got a job. Come on – after he had snubbed her for two years, he suddenly gets in touch with her? And she accepts? That was definitely an akpu moment for me.

    But hurray for sugary endings, eh?

    Well done.

  11. @dr2103,i never intended saying anything just after reading 1&2,but the imbued mental pictures caught my fancy. Well,you heard what others had commented. A good story line and theme you got. But a bit disjointed paragraphs; it appears you were overwhelmed by the story idea and hurriedly posted it. Emend further stories to avoid mistakes in usage of lexis and structure,dailogue,etc because of the poor effect such can have on your personality. Good work!

  12. Thanks @ all. I’m learning. :D

  13. Nothing more to say. I’m just picking my my own words though and getting my thoughts together is a big job so, I’ll say: WELDONE and please keep up your good spirit. I love this story even though it’s fiction.

    The part I love most is where Sandra decided to drop all lies and pick up her life. She actually did made herself an achiever through her own handiwork.

    Bravo for her!!!

  14. Keep writing dear.

  15. Overall, a good and fantastic story. “Ise lo se jare”.

  16. Thank you. Hope to do better :)

  17. i like this story…sweet is good joor. well done!

    1. Thanks @MCO II. :)

  18. Aaawww, happy ending even though we don’;t know if she said YES or NO. This is a perfect case of “fake it till you make it”. Lucky her the guy came back, for some people he would have been gone for good.

    1. @Lynda- thanks for your comment. Plus I love the line ‘fake it till you make it’. . . It seems to fit well in this scenario. Hahah.
      And yeah! For many others, the guy would have been gone for good. Luck I’d say is a very rare gift. :)
      Thanks once again. I appreciate you.

  19. I hate love stories…but hey, you try.

    1. Hehehehe. Thanks:)

  20. Hehehe… fantasies, fantasies… Too much M&B dey worry U…
    U try.

  21. I like this story, I do. But, it’s kind of unrealistic, her sudden self-realization is difficult to understand, maybe it’s because you told it mid way. Well done though !

  22. @mariasomorin: Welcome to the world of fiction…
    I have always had this in mind that I would have to tell people to let go of reality – as a prolouge to any fiction work I would do. Still, I think that such repentance can happen especially if you love something you really cherish.
    That said, Gal, I think you overstretched that transformation thing. Putting gear small and some stuff would have helped. :)
    I would have advised a bit on some things…maybe make it explicit that his change came from
    You did good and should be proud. A little editing here and there, tweaking and insertion of realism [hee hee hee, see me adding this o!] and you would have a winner. Well done.

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