Come Home.

Come home love,
And quick the drops waiting
To full love; the birds cease
Merry, because in silence our
Love hid and it’s not free.

Come home the love cherish I,
And wake the morning flowers
With your love, your love
Let the gentle rains, making
Tender the flowers to show
Colors to God of love.

Come home my dream,
The love that rides me into
Tomorrow’s place! Come, I
Am waiting still under the
Killing sun.

Come home my air, and
Breathe me that peace God
Gave us, you have punished
Me these gone times keeping
The love we own.

Come home and let me the
Paths you walk lavish goldenly.
Tarry not, for love could be gone
To the seas of horizon!

Come home twined soul,
And fix the other half, and
The rib you empty left; the
Downpour of love has dealt
With me, come close this rain!

I will keep you snowy I met
You; let your smile make this
Ugly sun set too soon.

Come home and be your queen,
The King makers have kept the
Crown stay away from my
Head, because you stay still.
Come home and don’t keep
Too long, and the sleep covered me
The last breathes!

© 2012 Dike Dyke Williams

17 thoughts on “Come Home.” by Dike Dyke Williams (@dwilliams)

  1. Some lines do not make sense To ME cos they seem incomplete but then the concept of adressing the rain as a lover is great…Well done

    1. Thanks Bubblinna. Will address it subsequently.

  2. “Come home and let me the
    Paths you walk lavish goldenly (with gold).” – sounds easier on the ears

    The poem could be nicer… We only get better.

    1. Lol…Men you know dey mercy o! Do doubt some men could go that far Teewah?

      1. I don’t get o @dwilliams…Wetin I do?

        1. You doubt say some men fit lavish gold on their women?

          1. Oh Okay.

            Hahahaha…I don’t doubt it one bit.

  3. My observations have been noted so permit me to say – ‘nice one’.

    1. Thanks Seun…I will work on it before I let it go into my anthology.

  4. This could be better I think. Keep writing.

    1. Thanks gooseberry…will do just that.

  5. Nice with better potentials though. Well done, @dwilliams.

    1. Thanks Chimzorom…bless you!

  6. Its creative of you to address rain lovingly like human,,, rain deserve it though.

    well done.

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