Be Strong – As You Sleep

Be Strong – As You Sleep



(for Annie and Rosarii Ngohide Gberikon)

At grief’s graze

Be strong

Deferring death’s despair

The inconsolable loss

Losing us in a haze…

Be strong


Cry the wells of emotions away

The best way to many miseries slay

But stand forth on

The blazing burn, glory of the sun

Reminding us

It could have been worse…


Boki wam, at grief’s despairing graze

Truly, be strong

It might seem nature’s haze

But we are made stronger

If only we don’t despair longer

Than right. Be strong.

28th February, 2012



(for the winking Princess)

Trust me, I would bring in the moonlight to smile
their love away…

the stars to tell of certain futures

which they don’t know would only
be a mirage like the distance of the stars…
Then finally, when they break, you just might discover

divinity really is the holder of the truth


Meanwhile, smile, the angels are guiding every square of the place you would lie…

14 thoughts on “Be Strong – As You Sleep” by Sueddie Agema (@sueddie)

  1. Su’eddie..

    You are a valued friend and respected colleague. This is genius.

    Is this in the memory of the lady who died – the writer lady?

    May she/they rest in peace.

    Both poems are powerful.

  2. Su’..finally dey did post it…

    May they be strong to bear what life brings to the table…

    Winking princess?..the princess winks all the time?..hmmm…nice ‘lullaby’…Well done..

  3. @Seun-Odukoya, thanks a mil man. Yeah. Thanks a mil. If we could keep getting thoughts like this, perhaps we would simply publish every day…I am feeling grey with pride.
    @sibbylwhyte: Thanks very much for bringing me here. You are a great lady. May Chineke bless you very plenty.

  4. Wanted to say something crazy, but…

    Real emphatic lines.

  5. Emphatic? Where did that come from?
    Wanted the word from empathy….
    No matter.
    Nice poems, abeg.

  6. Kaycee must u press on it?
    Dude u try abegi. Nah b small tiniz.

    1. Go do your homwwork,child.


  7. tapping finger to see the next comment between kay and lactoo…
    … hee hee hee…
    Thanks very much. Elder Professor Nonchalantic Toking Kaycee ( :) you sure are one great guy, you know…) why you no tok the craze thing again? The Empa…empa something was sounding like it.
    gini bu … oh well, no matter. I get the point. Thanks.

  8. Okay oo. Me sef don join de queue?

  9. Sueddie when I grow up I want to write like you…two beautifully written poems.

  10. Su the poet. I bow sir!

  11. I typed something before, don’t know where that went but it described how speechless I was…. Cause I was almost moved to tears. You write good sueddie. Never you stop writing.

  12. @aturmercy In the voice of an Elder: I pour forth my blessings. Take the mantle. Grow and do greater exploits :)
    @Myne: Time doesn’t seem to smile much on me…but thanks. Used your words somewhere for my blurb. Gist on it someday!
    @gooseberry: Nwa Nnem, kedu? I wish I had seen what you wrote…Well….

    Is it right to say now that these poems found a way into a new collection called ‘BRING OUR CASKET HOME’ coming out soon?
    Fingers crossed…

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