When I used to Love You

When I used to Love You

Indian films were a delight in my house growing up. I recall with relish ”Love in Tokyo” probably the first Indian film I saw, on to “Karate”, Terimanibhaniyan, Mother India (we saw it first on TV and my Dad was so hooked, he got a copy), Toofan, Mard, Burning Train. I never saw Nagin and the famous Sunita movie I heard a lot about, I met a girl during service year who could still recite the vow.

It was fun to watch them, sing their lovely songs and devise means of making our hair long like theirs (my Sister did that with scarves).  Looking back I wonder why almost every film was made in loving memory of at least a deceased.

Recently my Sister got me one of those famous 12 in one DVDs, thinking the Indian film I wanted to see again was a part of the collection as portrayed on the pack. Alas it was not ditto Mother India, so much for killing two birds with one stone but then it had Burning Train– fair deal. Thus began my journey to childhood, I particularly looked forward to seeing the two songs sang on the train. However my brothers from the east pulled a fast one, only one of the songs was dubbed however it was the one I loved- “the love song”.

The second time I watched the song I skipped to the scene, immediately my Mum heard it; she said “Burning Train” and started humming. My Dad who was in the toilet came out shortly and said “Mother India” – wrong answer, well he hummed along. Later he confessed the song made him leave the toilet faster and asked that the scene be rewound, this time the three of us hummed together and sang as much as we could.

I love Indian films especially the ones that incorporate their traditional songs and instruments. Indian films where no kissing was ever done so a little child could watch, you dare not try that now. Matter of fact my love for Indian films died a while back with the last set I watched being: Kal Ho Na Hoo, Mujhse Dosti Karoge, Taal, Khabi Khushi Khabie Gham, Hum Tum. I sometimes look forward to seeing them again. I cannot blame advancement for the Bollywood transformation as it is the way of the world but they lost me in it.    

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  1. LOL..

    Khabi Khushi Khabi Gham, Kal Ho Na Hoo, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai….very lovely movies!!!

    1. Yeah, my favourite however is Kal Ho Na Hoo, I still saw it two nights ago despite being tired from work.

  2. I remember Najin, Burning Train, Sunita. Daar Ar Veer. And many many others…

    I cannot watch Indian films anymore. Their singing annoys me.


    1. Grown up now, when I was a child…

  3. Nostalgic…
    Nice write-up!

  4. I like the precision of the article. Sunita made me cry. I hope I’m not dumb-head sha.

    1. Thanks. On dumb-head, no you are not. Mother India made me cry every time I watched it and I still cry whenever i watch Kal Ho Naa Hoo.

  5. I’m not really a huge fan of indian movies…. they are just too predictable!!! But well written though

    1. Thanks for the comment, I like the “well written” part. Thanks.

  6. Hema Malini

    Chen Sing

    David Chang

    Ti Lung

    OK, the last 3 are not Indian but they were of that era, right? Fortunately (or unfortunately), a few Indian movie makers are trying to make movies that tackle some of the gazillion problems that afflict their country.

    1. Like 3 Idiots?

  7. I remember those 3 hour long films.
    If 3 idiots is bollywood then those guys are really good.

    1. Yeah, the film was tight. Comments from my male friends made me check out the movie and no regrets.

  8. I was never a fan of indian movies… I just didn’t like them. They applied total theatre and it kinda bored me. Their songs, not my choice of music but I do know that they make good movies…. Least, better than nollywood.

    Cool writeup.

  9. Thank you. Do pardon me but what do you mean by “total theatre”?

    1. GOOGLE.


      1. I thought of doing that but I decided to take my chances..off to Google now.

        1. @Seun, thanks for the “arodan” journey, now that am back could you please tell?

  10. I like this. Indian films used to be nice but they’ve gotten more blockbuster-y now…I really can’t watch them anymore except I get really strong recommendations from friends. Ah, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, all those love songs in the gardens and on hills…very nice.
    My alltime favourite is still Sita o Gita, about some twins who were separated at birth, have you seen that?

    1. I have not seen it however I know the story a friend in secondary school told me about it then. I might just download it after all. Thanks for liking.

  11. Aah!..I like the write up cos it brings back old memories..I watch indian movies till now, but I know they can be boring..what with those lovey dovey songs..I like the indian movies of these days better because it ain’t only bout true love..Now U get stuff like 3 idiots et al..
    Well done.

    1. Thank you, am glad I could take you down memory lane.

  12. Indian movies are one of the “if you didn’t see it while growing, then you missed a lot” kind of thing…I loved Tofan and Ram ba ram…then i grew and got tired of them, then slum dog millionaire & 3 idiots came along and i started tripping again.The latest i have seen is “My name is Khan” and so far, i have seen it twice.

    1. Feel you on that but I do not like “My name is Khan”, it took a lot of willpower to see it to the end. Thanks for commenting.

  13. Indian movies, mhn… got tied up in them as a child and I’m still in their grip. I love them so much I can watch them on ends, without getting tired, songs or no songs. 3 idiots, mother India, Karan-Arjun, Chupke-chupke, Kaal ho na ho, Taal, Vivah, Ganga jamunah sarawathi…(the list goes on and on), very lovable movies.
    Things are changing in Bollywood, alright, but it’s going to take a long time before I stop loving their movies.
    Good write-up. Kudos!

    1. Thank you, I guess I can call you a die hard fan.

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